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Kristin Kuntz
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As a health psychologist, my goal is to help patients manage the psychological and social (psychosocial) aspects that often accompany a medical condition. I specialize in the assessment and care of organ transplant patients.

The mind and body are closely connected; issues with one aspect can greatly impact the other. My philosophy is that any psychosocial issues a patient may experience throughout the transplant process should be addressed. Before transplant, I evaluate patients in an effort to identify and reduce any psychological and behavioral issues that may act as barriers to a successful outcome. I also provide psychological treatment for patients who have difficulty adjusting to life after a transplant.

My research stems from my work with organ transplant patients. I study the relationship between chronic illness or transplant and psychological aspects, such as depression, anxiety and quality of life.

I also serve on the OSU Comprehensive Transplant Center's Patient Selection Committees for Heart, Lung, Kidney, Pancreas, and Liver transplant.


  • Specialize in health psychology for organ transplant patients
  • Research focus: psychological effect of chronic illness, transplant

Specialties and conditions I treat

  • Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Transplantation
  • Health Behavior
  • Cognitive Therapy

More about my work

My background


  • Health Psychology
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    9/18/2006 - 9/17/2007

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