Professional Practice Model


A nursing professional practice model is the overarching framework for nurses, nursing care and interprofessional patient care at a healthcare organization. Ohio State’s model aligns and integrates nursing practice with the medical center’s mission, vision, values and ambition, enabling Ohio State’s nurse executives to ensure care is both patient- and family-centered throughout all levels of the organization. We align with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Synergy Model for Patient Care, which depicts how nurses practice, collaborate, communicate and develop professionally to provide the highest quality care for the patients, families and communities served by the Ohio State Health System.

The Synergy professional practice model describes nursing practice based on eight patient characteristics and also describes eight nurse competencies. The core concept of the model is that the needs or characteristics of patients and families include and drive the characteristics or competencies of nurses. Synergy results when the needs and characteristics of a patient, clinical unit or system are matched with a nurse’s competencies.

This particular model gives voice to what patients collectively need and what nurses collectively do. When nurse and patient relationships are in sync—when they are synergistic—optimal patient outcomes are more apt to occur.

Patients have similar needs and experience these needs across wide ranges of continuums, from health to illness. The dimensions of a nurse’s practice are driven by the needs of a patient and family. This requires nurses to be proficient in the multiple dimensions of the nursing continuums. When nurse competencies stem from patient needs and the characteristics of the nurse and patient synergize, optimal patient outcomes can result.

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