Shared-GovernanceNursing shared governance at The Ohio State University Health System demonstrates our commitment to empower nurses at all levels within the organization to make decisions while using their clinical knowledge and expertise to direct, develop and sustain evidence-based practice at the bedside. It recognizes the collective impact that nurses, units and departments contribute to patient care, patient safety and patient satisfaction. Shared governance promotes a workplace of choices and supports continued mentoring and professional development among nurses at all levels. It provides a mechanism that enables nurses to mobilize activity around new ideas, new information and new experiences that help the nursing community and larger organization create value and sustain an advantage in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

The shared governance structure adopted by The Ohio State Health System’s community of nursing is built upon the foundation of a Coordinating Council, Health System Councils and Unit Leadership Councils.

Shared governance is a decision-making model in which nurses from all levels within an organization are empowered to use their clinical knowledge and expertise to direct, develop and sustain practice at the bedside.

The evolved model demonstrates commitment to empowering nurses in professional practice by focusing on these key elements:
  • Address the diversity of nursing-specific role responsibilities
  • Maximize interdisciplinary collaboration at all levels of nursing
  • Promote the health system as a workplace of choice
  • Provide a mechanism to facilitate nursing and health system initiatives
  • Reduce redundancies in processes or resources
  • Support continued mentoring and leadership development among nurses at all levels

The four Health System Councils (Patient Care Council; Professional Development Council; Research, EBP and Innovation Council; and Unit Collaboration Council) aim to give nurses the opportunity to be empowered to make real, impactful changes to clinical nursing practice. Each council collaborates with one another as well as with the Unit Leadership and Coordinating Councils to create a synergistic and effective governing body.

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