Behind every one of our statistics and anecdotes are compelling real-life stories of patients and those who cared for them and about them.

Here, a few of our patients share the stories behind—and beyond—their medical diagnoses.



Irregular Heartbeat

Young fathers like Aaron shouldn't spend life on the couch worrying about fast heart rates and skipped beats. But Aaron was—until he was treated here. Now it's life, full-speed ahead.
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ACL Surgery

It was a little slip, but it tore Ed's ACL, making him feel like an old man. Worse, he had to stop refereeing and enjoying an active lifestyle. Thanks to our team, he's no longer sidelined.
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Living Kidney Transplant

James' kidney function dropped to a dangerous 10 percent. He needed a transplant—fast. Fortunately, he found a perfect match: friend and donor, Craig, and our expert medical team.
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Women's Heart

Quovardis thought she was just another stressed-out mom. The doctor who referred her to Ohio State thought otherwise. Our specialists found and fixed a hidden problem that was destroying her heart.
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