Promo and Merchandise

Merchandise can be an effective promoter of our brand. However, don’t expect it to carry your entire message or serve as a “call to action” for your audience. Instead, it should be one component within the whole Wexner Medical Center experience you provide.

Show your Buckeye pride! When selecting promotional items for your department or as giveaway items at events, choose red (PMS 200), black, white, clear or shades of gray.


  • Supporting information such as department name, phone number or website must be at a safe distance from the logo on all sides or on the opposite side from the logo.
  • Font should be Proxima Nova Regular.
  • Font color should match the color of text in the logo.
  • The logo can be made smaller than minimum size when necessary due to size limitations, but work with your vendor to estimate readability.
  • In limited situations, when space does not allow for the full logo, consider representing your name with text only using Proxima Nova, such as:
    • The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
    • Ohio State College of Medicine
  • Consider using approved secondary art as brand-appropriate decorative elements (e.g., Block O, buckeye leaf)

View Ohio State and OSUWMC approved vendors

Logo Placement

OSUWMC Logo should be placed in a prominent location.

Supporting information such as Department name, phone number or website must be at least three widths of the Block O away from the logo on all sides and be set in Proxima Nova, Regular. This text should never be connected to the logo. Font color should match color of text in logo.

ID Badges

ID BADGE PLACEMENT: Upper-chest level, on left side. Must be worn with name and image visible at all times.

Exceptions include in designated areas such as the Correctional Health Unit, the Emergency Departments and Harding Hospital where personal security may be a concern. These departments may cover the employee’s last name on the front of the badge. Such exceptions need to be approved by Health System and Human Resources leadership.

ID Badges

Badge Pulls

  • Only the OSUWMC logo is allowed
  • Version of the logo is dependent on the imprint area (see examples below)
  • No customizations
  • No lockups

Approved Color Choices

Show your Buckeye pride! When selecting promotional items, choose only red, black, white, clear or shades of gray.