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Pharmacy Intern
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James Cancer Hospital/CCC
OSU Outpatient Pharmacy
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Position summary

Pharmacy Intern (Job Opening 439798) - Scope of Position
Under the direction of a pharmacist and in coordination with pharmacy technicians, prepares outpatient self-administered medications for dispensing to patients for use at home. Makes scheduled deliveries to appointed nursing units to deliver medications to patients while ensuring that our department meets medication security requirements set forth by The Joint Commission. Assists pharmacists with medication order entry into the pharmacy computer system. Maintains stock levels of medications to avoid delays in service to patients. Demonstrates ability to work as a member of a team. Intern must participate in continuing educational opportunities to meet the annual competency requirements and participate in continual training opportunities provided by department to develop ongoing skills in other areas of the pharmacy. Intern must comply with all rules and regulation of the hospital and pharmacy department. Must have an Ohio Board of Pharmacy Intern license by day of hire. All interns must maintain a current Ohio Board of Pharmacy intern license throughout employment in order to work as Pharmacy Intern at OSU Medical Center Department of Pharmacy.

Position Summary
This position functions to assist the licensed pharmacist in providing pharmaceutical services to patients, as well as providing necessary services and information to nursing and medical staff. These services include preparation and packaging of medications, distribution of medications, supplies and equipment, maintaining proper inventory levels, ensuring medications are in date and secure, keeping appropriate records and documentation, and submitting patient charges/credits, completing medication therapy management (MTM) appointments and monitoring patient compliance and adhereance . This position is also responsible for supporting initiatives of area supervisors and managers.

Duties and Responsibilities
Prepares and packages medication dosage forms for oral, enteral, ophthalmic, topical, and rectal administration for patient use and in research protocols. Prepares self administered medications to improve patients' understanding of their medication regimen. Maintains accurate dispensing records for controlled substances and other medications, supplies and equipment. Maintains efficient area operations and resolves problems to ensure optimal customer service. Works under the direction of a licensed pharmacist in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. Maintains appropriate medication, equipment and supplies inventory levels to minimize delays in customer service. Under the direction of a pharmacist, inspects medication areas and maintains storage standards set forth by The Joint Commission and other health regulatory agencies. Maintains the cleanliness and neatness of the area and anywhere medications are stored. Interacts with physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals. Participates in the orientation and training of volunteers, pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, undergraduate and graduate students and other hospital staff. Attends department sponsored continuing education programs. Satisfies life-safety training and other training and education requirements.

Education and experience

Acceptance in an accredited college of pharmacy. Must possess a current Ohio Board of Pharmacy Intern license within 120 days of hire, unless current license is in place upon hire.