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Staff Dietitian
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Nutrition Services-Ambulatory
Full/Part Time:
Shift Varies
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Position summary

Staff Dietitian (Job Opening 441157) - Scope of Position The Clinical Nutrition area provides nutritional care and/or education to OSUWMC patients and their family, staff, students and the community dietitians. Nutritional care is individualized and based on the nutritional requirements of the patient. Position Summary Staff Dietitians are responsible for providing nutritional care to patients which may include screening, nutrition assessment and care plan development, ongoing nutrition intervention, nutrition counseling and diet education according to department and medical center policies and procedures. Dietitians oversee the care provided by dietetic technicians and serve as the primary link between the patient care units, the staff and patients and the Department. Staff Dietitians organize their work and set priorities to plan programs to meet the priority nutrition and customer service needs of the patient population they serve. Staff Dietitians are responsible for developing outreach activities and selected program planning.

Education and experience

Registered and/or Registration Eligible, licensed (state of Ohio) dietitian. Previous work experience as a dietitian is preferred.