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Security Officer
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University Hospitals
University Hospital
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Position summary

Security Officer (Job Opening 422350) - Scope of Position

*Multiple Positions and Shifts Available*
Security Officers perform a variety of functions in the range of their duties on a daily basis including customer service, patrol, conflict resolution, investigation, and emergency response. Security Officers routinely patrol all areas of the medical center facility and communicate any noticed discrepancies to the affected or responsible persons. Officers are fluent with the floor plan and critical pathways within the facility in order to provide directional assistance to guests and quickly respond to areas during an emergency situation. Officers must also be able to effectively use empathy and assertiveness in the process of conflict resolution and crisis intervention; at times, Officers will need to engage in physical intervention using the minimum amount of force necessary to take control of a situation where the safety of others is at risk. Officers will conduct initial investigations and reports on significant incidents occurring at the medical center and must be proficient with both written and verbal communication. Security Officers are first responders to nearly all emergencies that occur within the medical center and must have knowledge on basic first aid, CPR, and AED functionality and deployment; they also must be familiar with the medical center’s emergency response protocol and be able to appropriately assist other staff, patients and visitors when those events occur. Officers are a critical component in meeting the Security Department mission statement: To provide a safe and secure environment for all patients, staff and visitors in all areas of the Health System.

Position Summary
Reports Public Safety and security concerns; operates security vehicles; staffs fixed posts; makes designated rounds; enforces rules; investigates violations, assists University and other local police and fire officials; assists Hospital and contracted facility staff in restraining combative patients; performs related safety, security and assistance functions such as escort, lockout, and jump-starting services at all locations, provides assistance to incoming medical helicopter crews and trauma teams.

Education and experience

Per CCS Class Specs: High school diploma or equivalent certificate; ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers and read and write common vocabulary; valid Ohio Driver's License; must serve 12 months probationary period from date of employment.  Selected candidate is subject to successful completion of a psychological evaluation.

Preferred: Experience equivalent to 1 year of full-time employment in a critical care area or first responder line of work including but not limited to military, law enforcement, or fire fighter/EMT. Prior experience in the operation of security technologies such as Computer Aided Dispatching systems and/or public safety dispatching, CCTV operations, and first level security/access control device trouble shooting. Evidence of success while operating in dynamic situations involving critical decision making impacting the safety of persons or property. Evidence of customer service aptitude and ability to cooperate, communicate and collaborate within diverse academic and care environments across the organization including behavioral health atmospheres. Evidence of proven interpersonal skills in a professional setting; proficiency in conflict resolution, problem solving, and written and verbal communication skills. Associates and/or Bachelor’s degree in a related field including but not limited to criminal justice, homeland security, communications, or social sciences; one year or more military and/or law enforcement experience; OPOTA Certification. Qualified candidates may be asked to complete a pre-employment physical including a drug screen and background check.