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Interpreter Coordinator
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Interpretation Services
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Position summary

Interpreter Coordinator (Job Opening 439524) - Scope of Department: The Patient Experience Department initiates, coordinates, implements and measures strategies to improve the patient experience. The department oversees all aspects of the Patient Experience and Patient and Family Advisor program; identifies, develops, and implements evidence-based best practices; develops and delivers staff  and physician education and training, serves in coaching and reinforcing roles, provides and oversees all aspects of interpreter services; receives, manages, and resolves patient and/or family concerns and complaints; provides and oversees all aspects of information desk functions, provides wayfinding services; and manages public waiting areas. The Interpreter Services open from 8:00am to 4:30pm, but additional hours during the week and weekends may be required by our interpretation staff to help meet customer needs and schedules.  Interpreter Services are provided 24/7.

Scope of Position: The Ohio State University Hospitals is committed to enhancing the quality of care provided to patients.  Interpreter services are a direct and critical aspect of effective patient care, patient satisfaction and directly linked to the promise of providing personalized healthcare to improve people's lives. It is also required by federal law in order to receive federal funding (Medicare & Medicaid). Interpreter services at OSUMC are provided by three methods and by qualified and trained staff in medical interpretation. The resources are: 1.) Telephone  2.) Two-way video services (with new Wi-Fi capabilities) and staff onsite (contract agencies & OSU interpreters to provide onsite services). This positions primary role is to respond to the need of our culturally diverse patient population by ensuring that information is accurately transmitted between Limited English Proficient (LEP) and American Sign Language (ASL) patients and healthcare providers or support personnel at Ohio State Medical Center. Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to providing guidance to other fellow interpreters and contracted agency interpreters; explaining and/or teaching about interpreter services to our health system staff, reminding patients of their appointments/procedures; assisting our health system staff with troubleshooting issues with our resources such as telephone or video, and collecting and analyzing data and trends of languages and our LEP patients' needs. 

Position Summary: This position serves as an interpreter utilized by the staff at the Ohio State University Medical Center to more fully meet the needs of the ASL  patients seeking health care services.  Patient volume fluctuates, as do the needs of the region, country, and dialogue of the ASL population served.  As these fluctuations are unpredictable the flexibility of this person allows the Medical Center to maintain a staff of highly trained medically specialized, interpreters that can most closely support the needs of the patients.  This position will facilitate support services for inpatient and outpatient activity of patients of the Ohio State University Medical Center.  This position must provide culturally competent care to patients, and act as the benchmark for staff on cultural areas of importance when caring for these patients.

Education and experience

For hiring consideration, applicant must pass language assessment screening. Need prior medical interpreter experience. Desire 2-4 year degree in language interpreting or linguistic degree and/or in a medical clinical field. The position is contingent upon the successful completion of 40-hour medical interpreter training program along with passing score on examination. Internship, and working towards national certification exam within a year of employment for medical interpreters is preferred. We will conduct a language proficiency test: code of ethics, standard practices, and medical terminology. Other skills required are: customer service, ability to collaborate with a variety of individuals across the organization, and highly refined interpersonal, conflict resolution, problem solving, and written and verbal communication skills. Need ability to interpret non-medical terminologies to the language qualified for. Must be a licensed driver.