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Internal Resource Pool-PCC
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East Hospital
UHE T8 M/S Oncology/Nephrology
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Position summary

Internal Resource Pool-PCC (Job Opening 443820) - The Ohio State University Medical Center's mission is focused on integrating quality patient care, teaching and research. The Registered Nurse - Patient Care Coordinator (RN-PCC) functions as a member of a team of care providers cultivating collaboration, enthusiasm, and mutual respect. The team provides patient care and supportive services directed towards achievement of positive patient care outcomes, maximizing the patient's involvement in his/her own plan of care, improving service levels, reducing the length of hospitalization, and decreasing costs. Patients and their families will experience the benefits of patient focused care through the integrated skills of all care team members. The RN-PCC is responsible for managing and providing care to the patient and his/her family, and for directing and supervising nursing care provided by other members of the patient care team. The RN-PCC is responsible for assessing, prescribing, implementing, coordinating, delegating and evaluating the nursing care of patients. The RN-PCC prioritizes patient care needs and provides leadership to, and development of, the patient care team. Position located at University Hospitals East.

Education and experience

The work environment involves risks or discomforts which require special safety precautions, additional safety education and/or health risk monitoring, e.g. chemicals, radiation, working with sharps (needles, syringes, scalpels), infectious diseases. Employees may be required to use protective clothing or gear such as masks, gowns, goggles, gloves, etc. The work environment involves everyday risks or discomforts which requires normal safety precautions typical of such places as offices and meeting rooms (i.e. use of safe work practices, avoidance of trips and falls, and observance of fire regulations and traffic signs). The work environment involves risks associated with the use of computers such as eye strain, and disorders that res