There are a variety of skin disorders and diseases that can cause redness, itching, pain or discomfort in the vulvar or exterior part of a female’s genitals. While many women try to eliminate what they suspect might be potential irritants on their own, believe they must suffer through their discomfort, or feel too ashamed to discuss their symptoms, there are actually identifiable diagnoses and specific treatments available for vulvar conditions that can provide significant relief. 

If you are impacted by vulvar discomfort of any kind, know that we can help.

Some of the vulvar conditions we treat include:

  • Lichen sclerosus: a noncontagious condition causing thin, white, itchy patches on the genitals
  • Lichen planus: itchy, reddish-purple polygon-shaped skin lesions or painful ulcers in the genital area thought to be caused by an autoimmune response
  • Allergic contact dermatitis: skin problems resulting from an allergic reaction
  • Irritant contact dermatitis: skin problems caused by intense or repetitive contact with an aggravating substance or material  
  • Vulvodynia or vulvar pain
  • Vaginitis or vulvovaginitis: swelling or infection of the vulva and vagina

Our treatment plans:

The Center for Women’s Health will tailor your treatment plan, explaining why it is recommended and what is required for daily care and recovery. Depending on your diagnosis, your care may include a range of options, from topical remedies to oral medications and emotional support to medical procedures. Ultimately, our goal is to partner with you to improve or resolve your condition, while also providing the ongoing care and screening you need to prevent any of these conditions from progressing to something more serious, such as vulvar cancer. 

Scheduling an appointment:

Due to the specialized nature of gynecologic dermatology, we do require a referral. This can come from your primary care physician or gynecologist or any other physician with whom you’ve discussed your concerns. A referral is easy for your doctor to initiate and can be started by faxing our referral form to 614-293-1458. Learn more about the referral process here.

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