About the program

The Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics of The Ohio State University College of Medicine established a combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Training Program in 1985. This four-year program trains residents in primary and specialty care medicine for patients of all ages. Graduates of the program are eligible to sit for the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Internal Medicine certifying examinations.

The Ohio State University College of Medicine’s mission to improve people’s lives through innovation in education, research and collaborative care expresses the character and purpose of our Internal Medicine-Pediatrics (Med-Peds) residency program. Our program is founded upon a tradition of excellence in clinical medicine fostered by both the Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Our faculty, housestaff, students and private practitioners proudly uphold this tradition. They comprise the fabric of medical learning that makes up the Med-Peds Residency Program at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health. Each member of this educational system is, at times, the student and, at other times, the teacher. This enthusiasm to learn and to teach characterizes the quest for medical excellence in the Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

Goals and experience

Our goal is to train highly skilled and compassionate professionals, and we provide an environment for those physicians to achieve this goal. Our residents are responsible for the care of patients with a wide variety of medical illnesses, ranging from those routinely encountered in primary care practice to those seen only in the tertiary care setting. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC) hospitals and Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH) serve the combined roles of urban community hospitals, indigent care providers and referral centers for central and Southeastern Ohio. Residents have carefully supervised and graded patient care responsibility in a variety of educational settings at these hospitals and in faculty-staffed ambulatory care offices.

Additional primary care and ambulatory care experiences are offered during rotations in the outpatient Veterans Administration Clinic and at several rural community clinics. The greater Columbus area has ten med-peds private practices, many of the physicians being graduates of this program. Many of these practices participate in an educational program called Internal Medicine-Pediatric Education in Community Sites (IM-PECS) where PGY2 to PGY4 residents spend a half day per week caring for patients in the private office.

Educational Experience

The Med-Peds Residency is structured to provide increasing responsibility in both patient care and teaching supervision over the four years. Additionally, residents have progressively more elective time throughout the program to allow for an individualized overall experience.

Our training program combines direct patient care with both formal and informal educational experiences. Our principal aim is to provide an education to residents which enable them to render superlative medical care to patients of all ages. At the completion of their training, our residents are able to provide excellent primary care and, if so desired, are outstanding candidates for fellowship training. Overall, approximately 50% of the graduates of our program pursue primary care while 50% elect to pursue fellowship training.

Inpatient Experience

Both Ohio State and Nationwide inpatient services include sub-specialty wards as well as general internal medicine and general pediatric wards. Patients admitted to sub-specialty wards require both a specialized approach to their medical problems and attention to their general health. Ward rounds are conducted daily with an attending physician who maintains the academic forum for patient care. Resident contact with faculty physicians is an integral component of our program.

Outpatient Experience

The ambulatory patient care educational experience in internal medicine includes the general internal medicine and specialty clinics at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, outpatient veteran's affairs experience, dedicated geriatric rotation and the emergency department. A two block longitudinal experience known as the Senior Ambulatory Block affords PGY4 residents the opportunity to tailor their outpatient curricula and provides them a longitudinal care experience in multiple specialty clinics of their choosing.

The outpatient component at Nationwide Children's includes the Sports Medicine Clinic, Adolescent Clinic, Behavioral/Developmental Clinic, sub-specialty and surgical clinics and the emergency department. At least six blocks are spent in the various pediatric clinics. Med-Peds residents provide continuing medical care to their own population of patients through continuity clinic throughout their four years of training. During the final three years, weekly clinic rotations in a private Med-Peds practice (IM-PECS) enhance the exposure to "real world" ambulatory medicine.

Primary Care Experience

The Departments of Internal Medicine at Nationwide Children's Hospital and Ohio State have partnered to create The South High Center for Primary Care. The center provides health care to the underserved south side community of Columbus, while also providing an outstanding outpatient training center for the Med-Peds residents.

The South High Center for Primary Care

The South High Primary Care Center is located in a medically underserved area on the South side of town and provides comprehensive care to patients of all ages from newborns to adults. South High has achieved National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) – Patient Centered Medical Home Level three status. The clinic is staffed by physicians board certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics, as well as nursing staff, a social worker, dietician and pharmacists all dedicated to resident education and improving the health of the community. The expanded facility that opened in June of 2013 has a large resident work area, 12 patient rooms, on-site laboratory and up-to-date equipment. This innovative clinic gives you the foundation in ambulatory medicine and patient experience you need to succeed.

In general, residents spend one half day per week in clinic. They develop their own patient panel and follow those patients throughout their four years of residency. Patient encounters encompass all aspects of primary care from well pediatric visits, adult health maintenance visits, acute ill visits, care of the medically complex and those with special health care needs. 

The clinic has a targeted ambulatory curriculum with a weekly lecture series for residents. Residents develop and participate in quality improvement projects, continually enhancing how we provide optimal, evidence-based care to our community.


The didactic components of the training program center on a variety of conferences and hands-on simulation experiences. Examples of regular conferences include Resident Report, Resident Didactic Sessions, Emergency Lecture Series, Grand Rounds, Morbidity and Mortality Conference, Ethics Conference and a large number of weekly subspecialty conferences. Simulation is incorporated and highly valued in both the pediatric and medicine arenas in the form of mock experiences and regularly scheduled simulation sessions. A favorite and hallmark of our program, our Med-Peds Journal Club convenes monthly over dinner to discuss current topics in patient care and research and provides a forum for residents and their families to gather outside of the hospital.


  • Rotations occur on a four-week block cycle with staggered intern and resident start dates (Mondays and Wednesday respectively) to provide improved continuity of patient care
  • There are 13 total block rotations per year
  • The residency program is structured to provide increasing responsibility in both patient care and teaching supervision over the four years - the resident also has progressively more elective time throughout the program to allow for an individualized overall experience
  • Each resident attends their own primary care clinic one half-day per week unless conflicting with night team duties
  • Both pediatric and internal medicine wards consist of general and subspecialty wards -  during subspecialty rotations residents work directly with the subspecialty attending
  • Pediatric ward rotations are covered by a combination of day and night shifts between a primary team of residents - night coverage for ward teams starts at 5:30 p.m. and traditional night call on every fourth or fifth night schedule provides coverage in the neonatal and pediatric ICUs
  • Internal medicine utilizes a night team system to provide coverage Sunday through Thursday nights, 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. Interns and residents on clinic and elective rotations cover Friday and Saturday nights from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. and residents generally work one weekend of night team coverage per block while on clinic or elective


The first year curriculum gives practical skill in the management of both common and complex medical issues for adults and children, setting the framework for skills needed in leadership and patient management as a future supervisory resident. The interns have level appropriate clinical experiences designed to expose them to the frequently encountered issues in both specialties. These experiences include inpatient general medicine, inpatient pediatric infectious diseases, an ambulatory acute care month and the newborn nursery. Interns are also taught the management of the very ill and the at-risk patients to help them develop decision making abilities in urgent or acute settings. Activity in areas such as the medical ICU, the neonatal ICU and delivery room, cardiology and oncology wards provide this experience. The intern lecture series focuses on emergent and urgent conditions and their management. These lectures are recorded for later viewing on the occasion that the resident may not be able to attend the session (clinic, post-call, vacation, etc.) or to refresh previously learned material. The intern schedule rotates between internal medicine and pediatrics every three blocks.

Block schedule

 1       IM        MICU 
 2    IM     Gen Med 
 3    IM     Heme 
 4    Peds     ID/General 
 5    Peds     Heme/Onc 
 6    Peds     Acute Care 
 7    IM     Heart 
 8    IM     Night Float 
 9    IM     Elective 
 10    Peds     Pulm/Gen 
 11    Peds     NICU 
 12    Peds     Well Baby Nursery 
 13    Peds     Subspecialty Ward 


Years two and three are consolidated to provide a ‘second-year equivalent’ for both internal medicine and pediatrics. The education, at this level, is designed to provide our residents with supervisory experience in both specialties. Four-week long rotations through our subspecialty systems, including emergency medicine, allow the residents to get exposure to most of the medical and pediatric subspecialties, while gaining additional practical exposure to potential career paths and mentors. More experiences in ambulatory care for adults and children (including developmental pediatrics, our IM-PECS program and block time in the combined Med-Peds Clinic) and care for the undifferentiated patient provide generalist education in our program. Our residents are also given an elective career development month during this period. This rotation allows a resident to explore a desired career path through both clinical and scholarly activity. Years two and three switch departments every four blocks.

Block schedule

PGY 2                    
 1       IM        ED
 2    IM     Nephro Consults 
 3    IM     VA 
 4    Peds     Hospital Peds 
 5    Peds     ED 
 6    Peds     Beh/Dev
 7    Peds     NICU
 8    IM     Gen Med 
 9    IM     Onc
 10    IM     GI 
 11    IM     Elective
 12    Peds     PICU 
 13    Peds     Elective 
PGY 3                    
 1       Peds        Prim Care 
 2    Peds     Subspecialty elective
 3    IM     Night Float
 4    IM     Subspecialty elective 
 5    IM     MICU
 6    IM     IM-PECS 
 7    Peds    Subspecialty elective
 8    Peds     Subspecialty elective
 9    Peds    Subspecialty elective 
 10    Peds     ICU
 11    IM     Heart
 12    IM     Gen Med
 13    IM     Ward 


Year four provides the ability for the senior to utilize ambulatory block time for experience in geriatrics and other outpatient medical subspecialty care. There is a four-week long experience of being the senior resident in the hospital helping manage patient flow, acute care issues and consultations. This experience helps residents feel comfortable in their management abilities while providing support and mentorship to more junior residents. The senior resident can significantly tailor much of the final year in our program to meet his or her specific career-based needs. Year four alternates departments every three blocks. Our schedule overview is graphically depicted below.

Block schedule

 1       Peds        Surg/Sports Med 
 2    Peds     Ward 
 3    Peds     Adolescent Med 
 4    IM     Medical Consults 
 5    IM     Outpt Clinics 
 6    IM     Outpt Clinics 
 7    Peds     Hosp Peds
 8    Peds     Elective 
 9    Peds     ED
 10    Peds     Elective 
 11    IM     Geriatrics
 12    IM     ID Consult 
 13    IM     Elective 

Application Requirements

How to apply

How to apply

Applications to our residency program are processed through the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS) using the National Residency Match Program  (NRMP) match rules. All applications are reviewed, and if your application meets our selection criteria, you will receive an email inviting you to contact us to schedule your interview. Please contact us if you have questions regarding your application status.

Application must include:
  • Common application form
  • CV
  • Four recommendation letters
    • Internal Medicine department letter (or clerkship director)
    • Pediatrics department letter (or clerkship director)
    • Two from faculty
  • MSPE
  • Medical school transcripts
  • USMLE or COMLEX transcripts
  • Personal statement
  • Photo
Apply now

Selection Criteria

  • Graduate of an accredited US or Canadian medical school within the last 5 years
  • Naturalized or permanent US citizen
  • Passing USMLE or COMLEX Step 1 scores (passing Step 2 CK and CS scores required prior to starting residency). Minimum score requirement is dependent upon average scores for the applicant pool. These minimum score requirements are not released.
  • International medical graduates additional requirements:
  • Graduation from medical school within the last 5 years
    • Possess a J1 visa and current, valid ECFMG certificate or full unrestricted license to practice medicine in Ohio
    • One year of US or Canadian clinical training (observerships do not meet this requirement)


Interviews are conducted October through early January. You will be notified of available interview dates when invited to schedule your interview.

Your interview day will begin at 6:30 am. A shuttle will transport you from the hotel to OSU at 6:45 am.

The morning schedule at OSU will be:
  • Resident Report
  • OSU welcome and introductions
  • Introduction with Med Peds Program Leadership
  • Faculty interviews
  • OSU tour
  • Shuttle to NCH at 12:30 pm
The afternoon schedule at NCH will include:
  • Resident roundtable and lunch
  • NCH tour
  • Faculty interviews
  • South High Med-Peds Primary Care Clinic tour
  • Shuttle back to The Blackwell Hotel

The interview day will end at 5:00 pm – please keep this in mind when making any travel arrangements. Travel time from NCH or the hotel to the airport is approximately 20-30 minutes.

Selection process

Our Selection Committee will meet the end of January to review the files of all interviewed applicants. The rank order list will be submitted to NRMP in mid-February.

Overnight Stay

Should your visit here require that you arrive the day before your scheduled interview, please indicate your need for a hotel room when scheduling your interview. Our applicants are provided hotel accommodations at The Blackwell Hotel on the Ohio State University campus at a reduced rate. Our office will handle all reservations. A credit card will be required at check-in for any additional expenses that you may incur. The Blackwell has an airport shuttle service available – please contact the hotel directly before arriving for your interview for more information on this service. Hotel parking information can also be obtained by calling them directly or by visiting The Blackwell Hotel website.

A dinner will be hosted by the Med-Peds residents at a local restaurant at 6:00 pm the evening prior to your interview. Details for the evening will be sent to you after you schedule your interview.

Med Peds Career Opportunities within OSU

Career opportunities within OSU

With nearly 90 med-peds trained faculty at OSU and NCH there are ample opportunities for mentorship regardless of where your career path takes you. 
Primary care
OSU GIM for Hilliard
Lewis Center

Transitional Care
Family AIDS Clinic and Education Services (FACES)
Cystic Fibrosis Center at NCH

Complex Health Care Program at NCH

Additionally we have a multitude of combined fellowship options including but not limited to Cardiology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Palliative Medicine and Rheumatology.


Program Benefits

The Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics track of the Internal Medicine Residency program offers some great benefits. View the following page to see the benefits included with Nationwide Children's Hospital.


Our Leadership Team

Our leaders

Chase Slider

Margaret Chase, MD

Residency Program Director

I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. I fell in love with the Med/Peds program at OSU/NCH. I was drawn by the people and the opportunity for such great training. Through residency, Med/Peds training gave me immense preparation and appreciation for the diversity of patient issues and management. I became program director in 2014.

View my bio

rossetti slider

Allison Rossetti, MD

Assistant Residency Program Director

I am one of the adult and pediatric hospitalist who also precepts in the South High Primary Care Clinic. I am constantly energized by my work with students and trainees. I find great challenge and satisfaction working with our diverse patient population in a collegial environment surrounded by outstanding clinicians.

View my bio

McKnight Slider

Lucas McKnight, MD

Assistant Residency Program Director

I'm from Fremont, NE. I am an adult and pediatric Hospitalist. I also supervise residents in our South High Med/Peds continuity clinic. I have been at OSU/NCH since 2008. I love all the different aspects of my job; caring for sick kids and adults, and medical education. Columbus is a great place to live. I am a big soccer fan and support our Columbus Crew SC.

View my bio

vanover Slider

Delana Vanover

Residency Program Coordinator

My husband and I live in Canal Winchester and spend as much time as we can with our grandchildren. Love to visit the Columbus Zoo, ride bikes, work in my flower beds, go camping and visit area fairs and festivals. I enjoy spending time with my “Med/Peds family”– they are some of the finest people I’ve ever known. I am C-TAGME certified and active on the national level with the Association of Med Peds Program Administrators having served on several committees, including a stint as chair of the executive committee.


Mena Botros, MD

Chief Resident

I completed MD at the University of Toledo and I was excited to join OSU and NCH's Internal Medicine and Pediatrics residency program 3 years ago. I've developed an interest in pulmonology and critical care medicine during my training, with specific focus in transition of care/transplantation of cystic fibrosis patients. I hope to pursue my interests in medical education/administration. Outside of work I love to volunteer, learn about new cultures and traditions, travel, cook, take photos, climb and surf.


Taylor Jersak, MD

Chief Resident

Before joining OSU/NCH, I lived in Columbia, Missouri, where I attended undergrad and medical school. My husband (a new hospitalist at OSU) and I couples-matched at OSU/NCH, and we have LOVED our life in Columbus! After completing a Chief Resident year at Nationwide Children's, I plan to pursue a fellowship in combined Adult and Pediatric Palliative Medicine. I spend time playing board games, eating WAY too much ice cream and showing off photos of my adorable kitties, Chip and Meko. Go Buckeyes!


Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residents


Mena Botros, MD PGY 4

MD: University of Toledo

Botros Mena

Jason Gonzalez, MD PGY 4

MD: University of North Carolina

Gonzalez Jason

Taylor Jersak, MD PGY 4

MD: University of Missouri-Columbia

Pancoast Taylor

Adam Ketner, MD PGY 4

MD: University of North Carolina

Ketner Adam

Susan Li, MD PGY 4

MD: University of North Carolina

Li Susan

Hannah Lipshultz, MD PGY 4

MD: Case Western Reserve University

Lipshultz Hannah

Audrey Lloyd, MD PGY 4

MD: The Ohio State University

Lloyd Audrey

Salma Shaikhouni, MD PGY 4

MD: The Ohio State University

Shaikhouni Salma

Martin Vonau, MD PGY 4

MD: The Ohio State University

Samuel Yang, MD PGY 4

MD: Brown University

Yang Samuel


Matthew Emery, MD PGY 3

MD: Wake Forest

Emery Matthew

Katherine Ernst, MD PGY 3

MD: University of Nebraska

Ernst Katherine

Matthew Lyons, MD PGY 3

MD: Texas Tech University

Lyons Matthew

Sarah MacDowell, MD PGY 3

MD: George Washington University

MacDowell Sarah

Lucy Rosenbaum, MD PGY 3

MD: University of Pittsburgh

Rosenbaum Lucy

Mary Ryan, MD PGY 3

MD: The Ohio State University

Ryan Mary

Brittany Shrefler, MD PGY 3

MD: The Ohio State University

Shrefler Brittany

Corey Toocheck, MD PGY 3

MD: University of Pittsburgh

Toocheck Corey

Akshay Vijayaraman, MD PGY 3

MD: Northeast Ohio Medical University

Vijayaraman Akshay

Sneh Xavier, MD PGY 3

MD: Rutgers New Jersey

Xavier Sneh


Philip Chang, MD PGY 2

MD: University of Illinois

Chang Philip

Ana Delerme, MD PGY 2

MD: Medical College of Wisconsin

Delerme Anyelika

Michelle Gillespie, MD PGY 2

MD: University of Massachusetts

Gillespie Michelle

Roberta Gomez, MD PGY 2

MD: Emory University

Gomez Roberta

Audrey Hiltunen, MD PGY 2

MD: Medical College of Wisconsin

Hiltunen Audrey

Austin Meyer, MD, MS, PhD, MPH PGY 2

MD: Texas Tech University

Meyer Austin

Michelle Moore Padilla, MD PGY 2

MD: Florida International University

Padilla Michelle

Nathaniel Sherrer, MD PGY 2

MD: University of Alabama

Sherrer Nathaniel

Brynne Underwood, MD PGY 2

MD: University of Louisville

Underwood Brynne


Nabeeha Ahmad, MD PGY 1

MD: University of Cincinnati


Kristin Cooper, MD PGY 1

MD: The Ohio State University


Rachel D'Amico, MD PGY 1

MD: The Ohio State University


Michael Dienstbach, MD PGY 1

MD: University of Illinois


Mary Hanks, MD PGY 1

MD: Marshall University


Rachael Mangaudis, MD PGY 1

MD: University of Tennessee


Timothy Pian, MD PGY 1

MD: Brown University


Daniel Schmitz, MD PGY 1

MD: University of California


Savannah Smith, MD PGY 1

MD: University of Tennessee


Aisha White, MD PGY 1

MD: University of Tennessee


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