Assistant Clinical Professor, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Jeffrey LawrenceGeneral Internal Medicine Attending Physician

Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Department of Internal Medicine / General Internal Medicine
OSU Internal Medicine and Pediatrics-Hilliard 
3691 Ridge Mill Dr.
Hilliard, OH-43026

Dr. Jeffrey Lawrence and his healthcare colleagues focus on health care delivery science; improving the quality, experience, and cost of healthcare by using sound, scientific methodologies.
Dr. Lawrence, who also currently serves as Chief Quality Officer and Vice President of Quality Assurance and Improvement for OSU’s accountable care organization, uses systems thinking and data-driven quality improvement methodologies, like Lean Six Sigma, to enhance the value of care for patients and improve the experience of delivering high-quality care for providers and other care team members.

As an example, Dr. Lawrence is using Lean Six Sigma techniques to decrease costly and often dangerous asthma exacerbations that result in unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations.  By creating a simple to use point-of-care decision support tool and leveraging statistically significant performance measures, he has developed an effective end-to-end workflow for the outpatient management of asthma.   He improved the rate of proper asthma symptom assessment from 9% to as high as 100% at his practice, significantly increasing the likelihood of clinical-guideline-based treatment decisions.   He is now developing tools within the electronic medical record that will further improve performance and enable broad dissemination of the workflow and accurate population health data reporting.

Education and Training

Master of Business Operational Excellence in Healthcare: The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

Medical Resident: Combined Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, University of Massachusetts

MD: University of Massachusetts Medical School

Publications & Presentations

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