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Jack Hendershot, MD

Dr. Hendershot found his calling out of a desire to help people.
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Garrett Mouser, MD

Dr. Garret Mouser ensures that the Ohio State Ophthalmology residents after him have the best equipment possible.
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Dale Solze, MD

Dr. Dale Solze leaves behind a legacy of kindness and giving.
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David Stinchcomb, MD

Peering through the windowed door of the operating room at Ohio State, a young David Stinchcomb saw Dr. William Havener perform retinal surgery using tiny, deft movements that would restore the patient’s vision. Stinchcomb had found his calling.

Hans Bredemeyer, MD

From a prisoner of war at a Russian camp during WWII to an ophthalmologist in Ohio, Dr. Hans Bredemeyer lived a life that brought him across the world.


William Rummel, MD

For Dr. William Rummel, who practiced for more than 60 years, ophthalmology was both a rewarding career and a life-long passion.
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Charles Leone, MD

Dr. Charles Leone reflects on the many fond memories from his residency at the Ohio State Department of Ophthalmology.


William Hobbs, MD

Dr. William Hobbs shares why he gives back to the Department of Ophthalmology. 

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