Head and Neck Microvascular Fellow Boot Camp

The mission of this boot camp is to expose current head and neck microvascular fellows to both common and uncommon free flap procedures, indications, techniques and nuances of insetting including soft tissue and boney inset plating, and also to expose residents to head and neck anatomy and ablative procedures.

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Alumni Symposium

This conference is designed to highlight both clinical and research activities of the faculty, residents, fellows and alumni of the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at The Ohio State University.

This program is directed to practicing otolaryngologists, residents, fellows, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, audiologists, speech pathologists and nurses.

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Vestibular Oriented Research Meeting

This annual meeting will unite the vestibular research community, bringing together leading and aspiring researchers from around the world to share and build knowledge, unify our diverse transdisciplinary specialty, and transform and improve interactions within our community as well as independent and/or parallel disciplines.

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Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery Course

Responding to the increased familiarity with endonasal endoscopic skull base surgery, we have modified the program to start at a higher level of expertise, and to promote discussions related to treatment algorithms of specific diseases. However, we recognize the value of refreshing basic concepts and that our course caters to participants with a variety of levels of training and experience.

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