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The Department of Otolaryngology has been a distinct academic department since its inception. This long-standing departmental autonomy has provided the opportunity for accelerated growth and expansion of the diverse activities associated with patient care, research and education.

Our department is committed to excellence, and we maintain exceptional national stature among otolaryngology-head and neck surgery departments.

Numerous funds have been established by generous donors. These funds contribute significantly to the Ohio State Department of Otolaryngology's ability to advance its mission and vision. Please consider one of these existing funds or visit our Ways to Give page.

Giving to the Department of Otolaryngology

Giving to the Department of Otolaryngology

Your generous donation can help us continue our commitment to excellence. Funds are used in a variety of ways to help improve patient care, further research efforts and offer educational opportunities. Listed here are some of the ways your donation can be used.

More +

Additional Ways to Give

Outright Gifts
Outright gifts take the form of cash, securities, real estate or tangible personal property. These gifts may provide immediate funds to support the department and tax benefits to the donor.

Planned Giving
What will you leave behind to make a difference for future generations? A well-designed estate plan enables supporters of all means to meet their financial needs and to contribute to Ohio State's long-term plans.

Opportunities for giving are not limited to these areas.

Otolaryngology Donor Wall

Otolaryngology Donor Wall

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center established this wall in the Department of Otolaryngology to pay tribute to the individuals, corporations and foundations that have generously donated or pledged $10,000 or more.

It is with this unwavering support that we are able to continue our mission.

$1,000,000 +

  • The family of Mary E. Alford and John W. Alford
  • Dorothy D. Shepard and Arthur E. Shepard
  • LaDonna J. Solove and Richard J. Solove
  • University Otolaryngologists, Inc.

$500,000 - $999,999

  • Medtronic, Inc.
  • Roberta Mae S. Merrell and Edwin N. Merrell
  • OSU Physicians, Inc.
  • Carole H. Schuller and David E. Schuller, MD
  • Susan K. Welling and D. Bradley Welling, MD, PhD

$50,000 - $499,999

  • Advocure NF2, Inc.
  • Rita Agrawal and Amit Agrawal, MD
  • Richard K. Alexander
  • Kerrii B. Anderson and Douglas T. Anderson
  • Anspach
  • Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute
  • Lois S. Barin, PhD and Kamran Barin, PhD
  • Lori Cameron
  • Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation
  • Children’s Surgical Associates Corporation
  • Sandra W. Dodson and Edward E. Dodson, MD
  • Focus Medical Group
  • Arick Forrest, MD
  • Gabriel F. Siegle
  • Hannah R. Siegle
  • Ruth S. Siegle and Ronald J. Siegle, MD
  • Linda D. Handelman
  • Patricia M. Kelly and David R. Kelly, MD and family
  • Leah S. Levy and Edward M. Levy
  • Kathleen Lithgow and Thomas F. DeMaria, PhD
  • Neoprobe Corporation
  • Sam, Laine and Mingo Massick
  • Sarah T. Millett
  • Mildred L. Minister and Howard W. Minister
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Oral Cancer Foundation
  • Nancy E. Peltier and Charles A. Peltier
  • Phi Beta Psi Charitable Trust Fund
  • Family of Franklin M. Rizer, II, MD
  • Caroline Rocco and James Rocco, MD, PhD
  • Sally V. Rudmann, PhD and James G. Barlow
  • Louise G. Saunders and William H. Saunders, MD
  • James M. Shoup
  • Sandra Slomin
  • Margaret E. Smith and Dan C. Smith
  • Christine M. Sullivan, MD and Michael J. Sullivan, MD
  • Carol Taggart and John P. Taggart, MD
  • Kari D. Teknos, PhD and Theodoros N. Teknos, MD
  • Michelle Theado Memorial Fund for Cancer Research, Inc.
  • Nicole Thoms and Roland Thoms
  • The V Foundation
  • James C. Vasko

$10,000 - $49,000

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Academic Event Management
  • Nanci E. Alexander and Keith J. Alexander, MD
  • American Cyanamid Company
  • Anonymous
  • Lauren B. Bakaletz, PhD and Alan P. Bakaletz
  • Linda A. Barger and Donald G. Barger
  • Douglas Barnes, MD
  • James L. Barrett, MD
  • Matthew Beuerlein, MD
  • Laura C. Bisesi and Phil Bisesi
  • Marlo A. Blazer
  • Michael D. Bloch
  • Jill Blotter and James W. Blotter, MD
  • Martha W. Brown
  • Cassils Family Foundation
  • Charis Foundation
  • Dennis J. Smith
  • Marilyn Dainoff and Marvin Dainoff
  • Robert L. Daniels, MD, FACS
  • Sharon DeAscentis and Michael J. DeAscentis
  • Delta Dental Foundation
  • Linda K. Dever and Phillip Dever
  • Douglas Dvorak, MD
  • Sara F. Ford and Charles R. Ford, MD
  • Steven D. Goodman
  • Deborah H. Graye and Doug Graye
  • Hartzell Norris
  • Patricia Hartzell and George W. Hartzell
  • Diane E. Kaye and William H. Kaye, MD
  • The family of Patricia M. Kelly and David R. Kelly, MD
  • Judith B. Kemp and Thomas A. Kemp
  • Thomas Kennedy
  • KLS Martin, LP
  • Laura J. Larsen, MD
  • Patricia C. Lawrence and Thomas L. Lawrence, MD
  • Sandra L. Lippy and William H. Lippy, MD
  • Molly G. Old and Matthew O. Old, MD
  • The Olympus League of Columbus
  • Treva Paparella and Michael Paparella, MD
  • Carolyn A. Phelan and Jim B. Phelan
  • Tina L. Phillips and Johnny L. Phillips
  • David M. Powell, MD
  • Kurt A. Richardson
  • Robert H. Schottenstein and Jeri B. Block
  • Sequent
  • Nevada Smith and Stephen P. Smith Jr., MD
  • Frances S. Starinchak and Edward J. Starinchak, MD
  • Harold J. Thomas
  • Christa L. Tobin and Evan J. Tobin, MD and family
  • Turner Construction Company
  • Marilyn D. Tzagournis and Adam M. Tzagournis
  • Upper Cumberland Ear, Nose and Throat
  • VFW Ladies Auxiliary Department of Ohio
  • VFW US General Fund Department of Ohio
  • West Michigan Ear Research Foundation
  • Susan L. Wiet and Gregory J. Wiet, MD
  • Wolfe Associates, Inc.
  • Gayle Yessenow and Paul Yessenow
  • The John Young Memorial Golf Tournament
  • Dorothy R. Zimmerman and Richard S. Zimmerman, Sr.

If you would like more information about any of our programs or to discuss a gift, please contact:

Kathleen Bartalon
Senior Director of Development

Briana Yauk, MPA
Director of Development

Maria Kammur, MPA

Associate Development Officer

Wexner Medical Center Department of Development and Alumni Affairs
660 Ackerman Road, 6th Floor
Columbus, OH  43202

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