About Ohio State's Vascular Interventional Fellowship

The Vascular Interventional Radiology Fellowship is a one-year ACGME-accredited position. The position begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th, coinciding with the academic year. Interventional radiology encompasses a variety of diagnostic and image-guided diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, including all aspects of radiological diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of structures such as blood vessels, biliary ducts, urinary tract and gastrointestinal tract as well as magnetic resonance and computed tomographic studies of blood vessels excluding the heart and cerebral vessels.

Our fellowship program offers a quality graduate medical educational experience of adequate scope and depth in all of these associated diagnostic disciplines. We offer an environment that encourages the interchange of knowledge and experience among fellows and faculty in the program and with residents, fellows and faculty in other major clinical specialties throughout the hospital. Our Vascular Interventional Radiology Fellowship Program is a one-year training program preceded by a mandatory ACGME- or equivalent accredited diagnostic radiology residency. During the year of training, the fellow is exposed to patients with diseases of the above-mentioned structures on a daily basis, and a time is set daily to interpret the magnetic resonance and computed tomography vascular examinations.

Program directorJames Spain, MD, PhD, MBOE

Application Process

Application must include:
  • Fellowship application (please type, as this is a writeable PDF)
  • CV
  • Personal statement
  • Copy of USMLE and/or COMLEX scores
  • Copy of medical school transcript
  • Three recent letters of recommendation (within one year)
Application dates:
  • Application deadline: March 1
  • Interviews: January-April

All applications are to be submitted through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Applicants will also need to register for the National Resident Matching Program. The program number for vascular interventional radiology is 10485502.

Applicants who are non U.S. citizens must meet one of the following:
  • Permanent resident status: Applicants must have permanent resident status with a work authorization prior to being appointed to a position in a residency or fellowship training program.
  • J-1 Visa: Applicants must meet eligibility requirements for a J-1 Visa through the ECFMG Exchange Visitor Sponsorship Program. Application for the J-1 visa will be completed after a position is offered to the application.  
  • H1-B Visa: Applicants may be eligible for an H-1B Visa if they are either a medical student at an LCME/AOA accredited U.S. medical school on an F-1 student visa or a trainee in a GME training program at another institution on an H-1B Visa.
  • Approval to accept a trainee on an H-1B Visa must be received from the GME office prior to a rank list being submitted or a letter of offer being given to an applicant. 

Applications should be mailed, or emailed, to the education program manager, Samantha Schnitzer.

Samantha Schnitzer
Education Program Manager

Department of Radiology

395 W. 12th Ave.
Fourth Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43210

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