About our surgical education programs 

Our academic, research-oriented institution has a long tradition of training leaders in surgery. Our residency program graduates have achieved prominence and success in community practice and at major academic institutions throughout the United States.

In the Department of Surgery, we share a common goal – to provide a setting conducive to learning. We are committed to providing an environment that's both supportive and challenging, so that you can fulfill your highest potential and assume a position of leadership in surgery.

Welcome to prospective residents, fellows and faculty

Here you will take progressive responsibility as an integral member of our surgical team, delivering state-of-the-art patient care, teaching medical students and contributing to innovations in medicine through translational research and clinical outcomes studies. Through a broad range of conferences and clinical experiences, you will learn to function as a well-qualified, independent specialist in the dynamic healthcare environment of today and tomorrow.

We believe the most important assets of an institution are its people. At Ohio State, we share a deep personal commitment and devotion to patients and members of the healthcare team. We welcome you and hope you will consider joining our close-knit family of residents, fellows and faculty.

Patient care provided by residents

Sixty-three residents and fellows participate in the department’s 13 residency programs. House staff treat patients in the outpatient clinics and on the surgical service. Early clinical training broadens knowledge of general surgical concepts, patient management issues and state-of-the-art surgical procedures.

Residents assume progressive responsibilities based upon individual skill level, experience and knowledge. Attending physicians provide supervision and conduct teaching rounds regularly. While a full-time attending surgeon is on call each night, resident teams and medical students staff the major services. 

A resident will have participated in 1,000 to 1,200 operative cases upon completion of the program.

“Our vast surgical exposure and management of complex peri-operative care develops our medical and surgical skills for successful careers.” 

Ellen Carraro, MD

Commitment to resident education

The Department of Surgery provides a supportive environment. The attending physicians are eager to teach and help. Residents in the Department of Surgery are dedicated to learning and teaching advanced surgical techniques and procedures. The department assumes a major responsibility for the clinical education of medical students.

The integrated and affiliated institutions of the program provide clinical resources for graduate and undergraduate surgical education.

The full-time attending faculty of the Department of Surgery are based at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, the Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital, University Hospital East and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center and the Department of Surgery host a variety of forums and seminars, where highly skilled clinicians and researchers share their expertise and advance the profession.

"One of the best aspects of OSU’s Department of Surgery is the commitment to education at every level. From the chairman to the interns, we take pride in our education and strive to produce the best surgical residents in the nation."

- Jon Henry, MD, MS

Commitment to research and academic advancement

Research is a vital component of the Department of Surgery’s mission. The department’s research efforts are focused on key areas of interest that promise to yield significant results in the understanding of disease and the improvement of clinical care.

The department’s Office of Surgical Research, under the direction of Chandan K. Sen, PhD, promotes interdisciplinary research activity and the integration of clinical and basic science research.

"While in the lab, I have learned first-hand what it is to be involved in research from the inception and development of a new project, to presentations at national conferences, and later seeing the results of your efforts published. These experiences have contributed to my growth not only as a surgical resident, but as a well-rounded physician."
- Mika Reschke, MD, MS


Faculty and residents discuss what makes our General Surgery Residency program unique.

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