About the Award

The James D. King, M.D., Ph.D. Grant Fund in Surgical Research was established February 4, 2005 by the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University in accordance with the guidelines approved by the Board of Directors of The Ohio State University Foundation, with gifts from Dr. James King’s wife, Sonia, and his son, Richard J. King, M.D, who at the time was a fifth year general surgery resident.  This award has been established in honor and memory of Dr. James D. King (M.S., 1937; Ph.D., 1940), the first recipient of OSU’s Ph.D. in surgical research; and in recognition of his dedication to research and education in the field of surgery.

The Department of Surgery’s James D. King Research Award Competition has been held since 2005 and serves a number of purposes.  The first is to introduce the resident students’ research projects and plans to the Department of Surgery leadership, faculty, and current Master of Medical Science students.  Second, it provides the opportunity for resident students to receive external critique in advance of beginning their project.  This external critique allows for further refinement of the focus or experimental design of the project and provides helpful suggestions to assist resident students in achieving their research project goals and objectives. Third, it provides the resident student with experience in developing his/her science communication and oral presentation skills.  Finally, the competition provides a forum for facilitation, discussion, and interaction amongst the resident students regarding their respective projects.

Resident students give a ten minute presentation regarding their research project at the beginning of their research year(s) to the Graduate Studies Committee.  The winner of the competition will receive a monetary award which can be applied toward travel expenses to conferences and educational materials.

Our resident students who have benefitted from this generous funding support are:
  • Jason Zakko, MD- 2017
  • David Koller, MD- 2016
  • Taehwan Yoo, MD, MS- 2015
  • Shayna Brathwaite, MD, MS- 2014
  • Rachael Sullivan, MD, MS- 2013
  • Mika Reschke, MD, MS- 2012
  • Laura Peterson, MD, MS- 2010
  • Jon Wisler, MD, MS- 2010
  • Amy Collins, MD, MS- 2009
  • Thomas Pham, MD, MS- 2009
  • Lisa Haubert, MD, MS- 2008
  • Alicia Thomas, MD, MS- 2008

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