We’re extremely proud of our Professional Development and Research Training Program, which has continued to grow and expand since its inception in 2002. Many of our surgery trainees have achieved recognition on the national level for their clinical, academic and research activities. Our general surgery residents continue to meet and surpass expectations on a daily basis, contributing immensely to the scientific foundation for surgical practice.

Accomplishments listed since 2002

Our Program – By the Numbers

Since 2002, 56 residents have completed our Professional Development and Research Training Program. Of them, 46 completed two years of research training, and 14 completed one year. Additionally, our graduates have given 292 scientific presentations and received 51 research awards, including 33 NIH and 10 national awards from professional societies. 

Our current trainees have authored 129 publications to date (an average of 4.6 publications per resident) and more than 50% (69) of their publications are first-authored.  These current trainees have been awarded four industry/society awards, and 15 have received NIH T32/TL1 support.

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The Department of Surgery Professional Development and Research Training Program includes attainment of an advanced degree through The Ohio State University College of Medicine Master of Medical Science Program (MMSP) or other advanced degree path.

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Trainee Presentations

Our current group of trainees has presented their research findings on a variety of topics – more than 150 times across the country. The subject matter of their presentations address a diversity of topics including:

Trainee Publications

Many of our trainees have published in respected medical journals. Since the 2009-10 academic year, 33 DOS Research Training Program trainees have published more than 215 journal articles. Our current residents have published a variety of articles including such topics as:

Department of Surgery Grand Rounds

A further opportunity for our trainees is to present their findings during grand rounds. The research presentations of these three residents are just a sampling of the wide variety of academic topics covered during this activity:

Joseph Drews, MD
“Reversible Stenosis in a Juvenile Lamb Model of Tissue-Engineered Vascular Grafts”
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Chelsea Horwood, MD
“Impact of Secondary Alert Notification Systems on False Alarm Rate: Next Generation Alarms”
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David Koller, MD
“Ex Vivo Tissue Drug Screening”
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Grant Award Winners

Every year, many of our residents receive grants to support their research training. Some of our resident award winners include:
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Travel Award Winners

These competitively selected awards cover the trainees’ travel costs when presenting their research at conferences out of town. A sampling of surgery resident travel award winners are listed below.

Department of Surgery Annual Research Conference Winners

Our trainees’ abstracts reflect a broad collection of basic/translational, clinical/health services and surgical education research topics. Members of the Department of Surgery Research Council reviewed and scored abstracts and selected oral and poster presentations based on the quality of the science, novelty and diversity of the topic.