About surgical education and training

The education and training of future surgeons is an integral piece of our division’s academic endeavors. We strive to cultivate individuals with a passion for surgery, through one on one teaching opportunities, educational course series options and hands-on instruction in clinical and laboratory settings.

General Surgery Residency Program

The division offers a general surgery training program that includes five years of clinical training and one (or more) years of professional development time which can be devoted to research, participation in an advanced degree program, and/or the attainment of an advanced certification (such as critical care). 

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Master of Medical Science Program

The Master of Medical Science Program provides an opportunity for promising clinically trained individuals to develop into independent researchers. In addition to the Master of Medical Science, residents may pursue other advanced degrees including Master of Bioinformatics, MPH or an alternate MS degree, such as an MS in anatomy. Curricular content and research plans are tailored to the individual’s professional career interests and research focus. In some instances, surgery residents in the MMS advanced degree program may transition into the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program to earn their PhD.

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Fundamentals of Laparoscopic/Endoscopic Surgery (FLS/FES)

The Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery (CMIS) offers multiple education modules and tools supported to help residents obtain certification in The Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS), Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery (FES) and Fundamentals Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE). 

Additionally, The Ohio State University Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery is a regional testing center for SAGES FLS, FES and FUSE exams meaning residents can practice on SAGES approved simulators and be tested at Ohio State. 

For more information about testing center hours and availability, please contact Abby George at 614/293-9072. 

FLS, FES and FUSE Programs

Honors Program in Surgery

The Honors Program in Surgery is an elective course for medical students in their fourth year, who are interested in pursuing a career in a surgical field. Course work is spread out over a nine month period. Selected students will participate in lectures, approximately five journal clubs, two to three animate/FLS labs, clinical didactics and the MED III Surgical Anatomy Lab. The animate labs cover abdominal surgery, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery and possibly, minimally invasive surgery. Topics discussed in journal clubs include tumor biology, surgical infections and wounds, informed consent and other legal matters, principles of trauma management and pre- and post-operative care.

Lecture topics may include respiratory therapy, abdominal radiographic findings, transfusion therapy, surgical nutrition, fluids, common drugs and instruments used in the operating room. Selected students will also prepare prosections for the MED III Anatomy Lab and are required to teach three of these labs. Students will spend one day in clinic and one day in surgery with Dr. Muscarella. Finally, student participants will submit a paper expounding on the material covered in the journal clubs.

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