Our mission is to deliver high quality patient care, contribute to innovations in medicine through basic and translational research and clinical outcome studies, and educate medical students and postgraduate trainees to insure an adequate supply of surgeons for the future. Your generous gift can help make all of that happen.

The power of investing in young surgeon-scientists

Surgeons are known for improving and saving lives through surgical procedures, but they also impact thousands of people with groundbreaking research. It can be difficult for young surgeon scientists to find funding for early stage research, which is why donations can make a big difference in getting promising research off the ground. This research may lead to the discovery of innovative tools, improved techniques and more effective treatments that enhance and extend the lives of patients.

Research is the cornerstone of medical advancement, and it is important that we provide young surgeons with the resources they need to pursue pressing research questions and develop their skills as scientists.

Featured Funds


The Ward Family Surgical Oncology Designated Professorship

Equipping the next generation of surgeon-scientists with the necessary resources to make discoveries, invent new treatments and find novel ways to care for patients is critical. The Ward Family Surgical Oncology Designated Professorship, funded by Don and Angie Ward and awarded to Dr. Drew Shirley, was designed to support growth and excellence in surgical oncology through the fostering faculty recruitment and retention efforts aimed at promising young surgeons. For more information on how to support the Emerging Surgeon Scholar Professorship, contact Carmen Boy. With your help, we have the ability to improve the lives of countless individuals by continuing the great work already underway.

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The Gerard S. Kakos MD and Thomas E. Williams, Jr., MD, PhD, Professorship

The Gerard S. Kakos MD and Thomas E. Williams, Jr., MD, PhD, Professorship in Cardiac Surgery was established in 2012 with gifts from Gerard Kakos, MD of Columbus, Ohio and gifts given in honor of Thomas E. Williams, MD. The generous $1 million gift enables the Division of Cardiac Surgery to attract outstanding leadership and recognize the scientific achievement and prominence of a renowned expert in cardiac surgery. Dr. Kakos (’67), Faculty Emeritus, spent 35 years as a cardiothoracic surgeon at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Dr. Williams (’63), clinical associate professor of Surgery, has spent 41 years at Ohio State.

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