Associate Professor of Surgery
Division of Vascular Diseases and Surgery


Dr. Lian-Wang Guo is an Associate Professor. His research interests focus on the epigenetic mechanisms behind the vascular and retinal cell phenotype changes. Together with collaborators, his lab is also exploring innovative ways to therapeutically target these mechanisms by using engineered drug delivery platforms.

  • PhD: Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Plant Physiology, Shanghai, China

Research Interests
  • Intimal hyperplasia
  • Vascular cell state transitions
  • Epigenetic regulation and therapy
  • Retinal degeneration and protection
  • Autophagy
  • Drug delivery with nanoplatforms

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Current Funding

R01HL133665 (Guo PI)
BET Bromodomain Proteins as Novel Targets for Prevention of Intimal Hyperplasia after Vascular Surgery

R01HL143469 (Guo MPI, Kent Contact PI)
Targeting PERK: An Endothelium-Protective Stent-Free Strategy for Mitigation of Intimal Hyperplasia After Vascular Surgery

R01HL129785 (Guo MPI, Kent Contact PI)
Development of unimolecular nanoparticle-mediated periadventitial drug delivery system for sustained and targeted inhibition of intimal hyperplasia following open vascular reconstruction

NIH Center for Accelerated Innovations-Cleveland Clinic (NCAI-CC) Award  (Kent/Guo co-PIs)
Pericelle: a nanoparticle based perivascular drug delivery system to prevent stenosis and failure in vascular reconstruction surgeries

The Ohio State University Accelerator award (Kent/Guo co-PIs)
Perivascular drug delivery nanoplatform for preventing restenosis (in large animals) after open surgery