Innovations in trauma, critical care and burn surgery at Ohio State


The division participates in a broad range of research activities to support the clinical mission.  These topics range from basic science and mechanistic analysis through outcomes research and clinical trials.  A broad range of sources including the National Institutes of Health, foundation awards, and industry support supports these projects.  Utilizing a translation model of care, these projects inform and improve the clinical care that is provided on a daily basis.

Faculty members in the division published over 35 scholarly articles in FY 2018. Division members had several podium presentations at national meetings and numerous other presentations at international and national meetings. Yearly funding for research exceeds $2.6 million.

Health Services Research

  • Heena Santry, MD, MS, FACS - Director, Health Services Research Outcomes Center
  • Amy Rushing, MD- Foundation of Acute Care Surgery Registry, Acute Care Surgery in Cancer Patients
  • Daniel Eiferman, MD- Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality
  • Daniel Vazquez, MD- Department of Surgery Innovations Collaborative
    • Structured program in innovation in collaboration with the Colleges of Engineering and Business- partnering with industry and entrepreneurs to accelerate development and deployment of innovations in a variety of technological arenas relevant to surgery and critical care.
  • J. Kevin Bailey, MD- Laser Treatment for Burn Scar Hypertrophy
    Collaboration with College of Engineering

Research Programs

  • Sepsis Research Lab
    Jon Wisler, MD, PI- Epigenetic Regulation and DNA Methylation in Circulating Microvesicles during Sepsis
    Can “Helen” Hou, MD- Post-Doctoral Researcher, Chinese Scholarship Council
  • Neurotrauma Research Laboratory Collaboration- Daniel Eiferman, MD
Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Burn clinical trials

  • A phase 2A randomized double blind, placebo controlled, single center study to access amnion derived cellular cytokines solution spray in diabetic subjects with deep burns managed with meshed skin grafts (Sponsor, STEMNION ). PI: Dr. Larry Jones

Trauma clinical trials

  • GM-CSF for immunomodulation following trauma (GIFT) study (Sponsor NIH). CO PI: Dr. David Evans
  • A phase 3, randomized double-blind, double-dummy, multicenter, prospective study to assess the efficacy and safety of Eravacycline compared with Ertapenem in complicated intra-abdominal infections (Sponsor Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals, Inc.). PI: Dr. David Evans
  • A multicenter, open-label, randomized study to compare the safety and efficacy of intravenous Ceftolozane/Tazobactam with that of Pipercillin/Tazobactam in ventilator associated pneumonia (sponsor, Cubist Pharmaceutical). PI: Dr. Daniel Eiferman, Co PI: Dr. David Evans
  • A randomized trial of supplemental parenteral nutrition in under and overweight critically ill patients: The Top UP Trial (sponsor, Health Canada). PI: Dr. David Evans

Clinical trials group

Jonathan Wisler, MD, Lead Investigator
Zoe Peters, BA, CCRP, Sr. Clinical Research Coordinator
Erika, McNally, BS, Clinical Research Coordinator
Megan Ireland, Clinical Research Assistant
Wilson Lo, Clinical Research Assistant
Kathryn Schubauer, Clinical Research Assistant

Regulatory, Business and Administrative Support provided by OSU’s Clinical Trials Management Organization (CTMO)

Selected clinical trial areas by investigator

  • Jones et. al.- Nutrition therapy for burns, novel wound care, pain control strategies
  • Vazquez et. al.- Mobility technology and assessment in the ICU
  • Vazquez et al.- Physiologic monitoring and communication technology innovation in critical illness and injury