We are The Ohio State University Health System

Our diverse backgrounds have contributed to our talents, abilities and convictions. We acknowledge these differences, and use them to contribute to our united effort, recognizing those we serve are as diverse and we are. We respect our differences. Meeting the needs of our customers is one element that sustains our tradition of excellence. Our customers include our patients, their families, their visitors, our colleagues, our supervisors, our physicians and everyone we interact with in person or on the phone. We believe that every individual deserves our best effort, and we have established expectations to support and define that effort. When you join with us to meet these expectations, you too can say with pride, “I AM The Ohio State University Health System.”

OSUHS behavior standards

Be committed to preserving dignity
  • I will call a person by his or her last name, unless the person has given me permission to use their first name
  • I will keep confidential information private by not discussing or displaying it inappropriately
  • I will ask permission when requesting assistance or involving others, or performing treatment

Explain what you are doing
  • I will keep others informed and explain delays, changes or altered expectations
  • I will avoid using jargon, acronyms, slang and other confusing forms of communication
  • I will inform others that I’m assisting as to what they can expect next

Handle with care
  • I will acknowledge a person’s presence when in the same room
  • I will use words, body language and tone of voice that demonstrate kindness and compassion
  • I will give my full attention and take my time when assisting others

  • I will always maintain eye contact while assisting others
  • I will always wear my name badge above my waist and follow the hospital and department policies regarding appropriate dress for my area
  • I will maintain a clean and safe environment

Vital telephone techniques
  • I will answer calls within three rings; identify my area and myself. Then ask, “How may I help you?”
  • I will provide the correct number and stay on the line when transferring calls
  • I will ask for permission before placing callers on hold

Introductory impressions
  • I will introduce myself by name and title, with a smile
  • I will seek out opportunities to help others
  • I will anticipate other’s needs and offer assistance

Outstanding assistance
  • I will ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”
  • I will give customers priority over all personal interactions
  • I will find someone who can help, if I cannot
  • I will look for opportunities to thank others

  • I will acknowledge others with a smile, a hello or another appropriate gesture
  • I will allow others the right of way when entering or exiting elevators and doorways
  • I will treat my co-workers as valued customers