Due to COVID-19, to protect the health and safety of our staff, patients and their families, we're limiting visitors at Ohio State hospitals and outpatient locations, with limited exceptions. Those exceptions can be reviewed on the visitor policy page.  

We recognize the immense toll this can have on both the patient and their loved ones and appreciate your understanding as we take steps to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Please refer to the resources below to help you stay connected with your loved one who may be at an Ohio State hospital.

What you can do at the time of admission

Confirm Health Care Representative or Medical Power of Attorney:

Who is the legally authorized health care representative (medical or health care power of attorney) or who will be the designee if needed. This person will make decisions in the event your loved one can't speak for themselves. Be sure your loved one's care team has this person's name and contact information.

Confirm Point of Contact for Care Team

Who will be the primary family contact. We can only give out information to family members with the patient's permission. It's best to choose one family member who will talk to the care team during your loved one's stay at the hospital.

  • Note: Ideally, the same person is main point of contact and medical power of attorney.

Provide living will / advanced directive if available

If your loved one has completed a living will / advanced directive please provide this to his or her care team.

Things you can do for your loved one during their hospital stay:

Write down this key information to more easily get in touch with your loved one:

Write down the name and phone number for your loved one's hospital unit and nurses' station.

Write down questions for your loved one's care team so you can ask them all at once.

Set-up Proxy Care through MyChart to be able to communicate directly with your loved one's care team and stay up to date on the latest test results and messages.

  • Note: Your loved one will need to authorize your access to their MyChart

Sending items to your loved one 

The Scarlet Ribbon Gift Shops, located in the hospitals, offer a wide variety of goods and gifts. The gift shops' hours are reduced to 8 a.m.  5 p.m., Monday  Friday. A limited amount of visitors are allowed inside the gift shops to comply with social distancing policies.

The gift shop will deliver items to nursing stations (PCA, clerk, etc.), but not directly to patient rooms. Fresh flower arrangements are available for purchase in the gift shops, or ordered online through our partner Oberer’s Flowers

No deliveries are permitted to confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients.

Virtual Visitation

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is now available on MyChart Bedside tablets for admitted patients to support virtual visitation with their loved ones. Patients can log in using their Facebook account information to video chat with their family and friends while they are in the hospital.

Zoom is now available on the home screen of the MyChart Bedside tablets

When admitted to the hospital, patients and their health care proxy have access to use a MyChart Bedside tablet provided by Wexner Medical Center. With the Bedside tablet, you can order your meals, view medical information, review education materials about your condition, send non-urgent messages to your care team and communicate with family members and loved ones using Zoom.

A MyChart account is not required to use the Bedside tablets or Zoom. You will need to set up a Zoom account and meetings with family and friends if you are able to do so. For patients who are unable to setup a Zoom account, members of the care team can provide assistance.

Things to note when your loved one is admitted to the hospital

  • Main hospital phone number: 614-293-8000
  • Hospital Unit
  • Phone number of nurses station
  • Bedside phone number of your loved one (not always applicable)
Additional Resources

Additional Resources