Moving Forward Together

As we move into the next phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, business leaders are facing challenges unlike any we have seen. Routine workplace safety has drastically changed, leaving many questioning how best to create an environment where their employees can feel secure, healthy and productive.

The way companies respond to these formidable challenges—and the care they show their employees and customers—will be key to the success and longevity of their operations.

We have created this guide to help you succeed.

At The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, we are deeply committed to improving lives around the globe through innovation in research, education and patient care. This critical mission drives us and, during extraordinary public health challenges such as COVID-19, uniquely positions us as a trusted resource for our community and its leaders. It is our responsibility and privilege to draw from our depth of expertise in medicine, infectious diseases and patient safety as well as our extensive experience in sanitation and building maintenance and design to offer this guidance for fortifying your company’s safety practices.

The COVID-19 pandemic will not end overnight. Our nation’s recovery hinges on our collective and tireless long-term efforts. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge as we move forward together.

Looking for Care?

If you’re feeling unwell but are concerned about visiting a health care facility, consider a telehealth appointment. All it takes is a tablet, smartphone or computer. Call your Ohio State provider or schedule an appointment at 614-366-5555.

Resources for Returning to Work

Resources for Returning to Work

Download our Return to Work guides

We’ve created these downloadable PDF versions of our guides for employees and employers to serve as a reference you can distribute within your organization as you plan your return to work.

Download the Co-Branded Employee Guide: If you would like to customize our employee guide for your organization, we’ve created a PowerPoint template where you can add your organization’s logo and include a custom introduction letter. To ensure the links within this document work, please save and send as a PDF.

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