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Workflows and Protocols

Ambulatory Recovery Operational Plan Template (Internal Access) (5/12/20)

Cleaning and Disinfection Guide for Ambulatory Locations (Internal Access) (5/21/20)

High-Risk Patient Management for Ambulatory Clinics  (6/4/20)

Outpatient Clinic Guidelines (Internal Access) (6/10/20)

Patient Re-Contact Workflow (Internal Access) (5/3/20)

Perioperative N95 Donning Protocol (4/21/20)

Return to Office-Based Procedures  (Internal Access) (7/1/20)

Surgery Patient Re-Contact Workflow (Internal Access) (5/3/20)


Pre-Surgical/Pre-Procedural COVID-19 Testing (Internal Access) (9/22/20) 

Preoperative Patient with Positive COVID-19 Testing Protocol (8/20/20)

Return to Surgery Resources

Informed Consent (Internal Access)  (5/13/20)

Informed Consent in Various Languages (Internal Access) (6/16/20) 

Return to Responsible Surgeries and Procedures (Ohio Hospital Association) (4/24/20)

Scheduling for Return to Surgery (Internal Access) (4/30/20)