During the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine creation is moving faster than ever. The typical timeline for developing and testing vaccines takes years—sometimes decades—but because of the pressing need for a COVID-19 vaccine to help control this pandemic, the government, pharmaceutical companies and the scientific community are dedicating enormous resources to developing effective vaccines as soon as possible.

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The development of the COVID-19 vaccine has led to many questions. As health experts in our local communities, we can help answer them and debunk any myths or disinformation. We have created assets for you to download and share on your social media profiles to help educate your networks about the vaccine. When sharing, please include hashtags #InThisTogetherOhio and #TogetherAsBuckeyes and tag us at @OSUWexMed on Instagram and Twitter.

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Questions about COVID-19 vaccines

Faculty, staff and nurses can email questions to COVIDVaccine@osumc.edu.