What are the rules around wearing scrubs?

As COVID-19 is a coronavirus that is primarily spread by droplet transmission similar to flu, current evidence does not support clothing as a mode of transmission. Concerned employees can bring their work attire and change prior to/after their shift. Staff in procedural areas should continue to follow the existing hospital policy of not wearing green scrubs in/out of the hospital to protect those sterile environments. Gown, gloves and a mask with a face shield or goggles are indicated for routine care of patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

We are experiencing a need to resupply scrubs. If you are an employee who wears scrubs, please check your home, car, closets, etc. for scrubs that may have left the facility and please return to the hospital (no questions asked) in the soiled linen bags or carts in locker rooms, the Scrub room on the 5th floor of Doan Hall or the Donation Center at 610 Ackerman Road.

Does wiping, sweeping a surface with COVID-19 lift the virus particles into the air, placing the person at risk for infection?

No, these are not aerosol-generating procedures and therefore do not pose a risk for transmission.

Are there plans to increase ICU capacity to meet COVID-10 needs?

The Alternative Sites of Care workgroup led by Kent Hess, Mary Howard, Naeem Ali, and Dan Like, is developing a plan to accommodate the potential surge in patients resulting from COVID-19. This plan considers the acuity of patients and will include recommendations for placement and relocation of COVID-19 positive patients, patients under investigation, and non-COVID-19 patients. Locations being evaluated for patient relocation and placement include hospital inpatient units, Ohio State Wexner Medical Center outpatient care locations, University properties, and community locations. Once a plan has been approved, it will be implemented in phases.

Where can I find Wellness resources to help during COVID-19?

Please visit this page for an up-to-date listing of wellness resources. Additional wellness resources are available through the University.

What should we do if we have family in senior-or-assisted living facilities? 

Follow CDC/ODH guidelines, which continue to be updated.