The Ohio State University's COVID-19 Testing Program

Step-by-step instructions are provided below for help scheduling an appointment, checking in for your screening and viewing your results. You must use your mobile device or a tablet on-site at the testing center to complete check-in the day of your appointment.

You can also complete the process using the MyHealth app. You may also use a computer to schedule an appointment or view your test results. The screens may look slightly different depending on your device.

Bring the following items to your appointment:

  • Your mobile device. When you arrive, log in to MyChart on your mobile device, and tap the “I’m Here” option on the home screen to check in. If you do not have a device, iPads will be available.
    • To save time at your testing appointment, be sure to remember your MyChart username and password. For even faster check in, use the MyHealth app and enable Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode to log in to your MyChart account. Get support with your password or enabling Face ID.
  • Your BuckID. Have your BuckID ready to show at check-in. You will not need a health insurance card.

Schedule a COVID-19 Testing Appointment


1. Log in to MyChart and tap Appointments > Schedule an appointment.

2. Tap OSU COVID-19 Testing.

3. Read the consent and then tap I Consent.

If you tap 'I Do Not Consent,' you cannot proceed with scheduling an appointment.



4. Scroll down and answer all the questionnaire questions to the best of your knowledge.

When you’re finished answering questions, tap Continue.

The questions are required for reporting to various state and federal agencies.


5. Tap an appointment time.

Appointment times are every 15 minutes. You can arrive for your appointment up to 30 minutes ahead of time.

Do your best to arrive at your testing location to check in before your appointment time.


6. Double check your selections.

In the “What is the most important thing you want addressed during this visit” field, enter COVID Testing.

7. Tap Schedule.

The appointment is now scheduled, and you will receive a confirmation email with the appointment details and instructions.

Cancel a COVID-19 Testing Appointment


1. Log in to MyChart and tap Appointments.

2. Find the appointment you want to cancel tap Cancel.


3. Tap Select and then choose a reason.

4. Tap Cancel Appointment in the upper right.

Check In for Your COVID-19 Testing Appointment

When you go to your testing appointment, bring your mobile device with you and check in for your appointment upon arrival. This prints the labels that will go with your specimen to the lab. If you do not have a mobile device, tablets are available at the testing facility for check in.

1. Log in to MyChart and tap Appointments.

2. Tap your OSU COVID-19 Testing appointment to open it, and then tap I’m Here.

You can tap 'I’m Here' any time between the arrival time listed for your appointment and the appointment start time.

If you have not tapped 'I’m Here' by the appointment start time, you need to schedule another appointment at the current time or a later time.

Check in

3. A 'Welcome' message appears.

Tap OK to acknowledge it.

You may log out of MyChart.

View your testing results

When your test results are available, MyChart sends an email to the email address associated with your MyChart account. Tap the link in the email and then log in to MyChart to review your results.

You can also log in to MyChart any time and then tap Results on the MyChart home screen.

Technical Support

For additional assistance, call MyChart Technical Support at 866-966-6975 (available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or email