What is Framework 2.0?
In September 2017, The Ohio State University began relocating Cannon Drive as part of the university’s long-term planning vision called Framework 2.0.

Why is the relocation of Cannon Drive necessary?
The straightening and elevating of Cannon Drive supports future growth of the university and the medical center by creating 12 acres of developable land; serving as future flood protection; creating an eventual north-south connection between King and Lane Avenues; and enhancing green space in the Olentangy River corridor.

When will the next phase of construction begin and how will it impact the EMS route to and from University Hospital on the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center campus?
The next phase of the Cannon Drive relocation will take place in two parts beginning May 2018.  

For part one, the state Route 315 northbound ramp to Medical Center Drive will close from early May until mid-August 2018. 

During this time, if you are traveling to the UH Emergency Department from state Route 315 northbound, you may either take the Goodale Street exit or Lane Avenue exit.

If you take the Lane Avenue exit:
Turn right onto Lane Avenue
Turn right onto Olentangy River Road
Turn left onto John Herrick Drive
Turn right onto Cannon Drive
Turn left onto 12th Avenue
Turn right towards the EMS access road 

If you take the Goodale Street exit:
Turn right onto Goodale Street
Turn right onto Olentangy River Road
Turn right onto King Avenue
Turn left onto Cannon Drive
Turn right onto Medical Center Drive
Turn left towards the Emergency Department entrance

If you are traveling to the UH Emergency Department from state Route 315 southbound, you can continue to use the King/Kinnear Road exit.

For part two of this phase, the entrance ramp to state Route 315 from Cannon Drive will close from June 11 to late November 2018. The intersection of 12th Ave. and Cannon Drive will also close from early June until August 2019. 

To maintain access to the north ED entrance, a new access road for EMS transport will be available off of John Herrick Drive. 

If you are traveling to the UH Emergency Department from state Route 315 southbound:
Get off 315 at the King/Kinnear Road exit
Turn left at Olentangy River Road
Turn left towards John Herrick Drive
Turn right onto John Herrick Drive
Turn right onto the EMS access road 
Turn right onto 12th Avenue
Turn left towards the EMS entrance

Heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic is anticipated on Herrick Drive and Neil Avenue during this work, so motorists should anticipate delays and allow additional time for travel. Detour signs will be posted around the medical center for return routes to state Route 315 southbound.

Will ladders and engines have access to roadways should a fire occur around Cannon Drive?
Yes, ladders and engines will have road access should a fire occur on or around the medical center.

Will the temporary south entrance to the Emergency Department remain open to EMS transport?
Yes, the temporary south entrance will remain open to ease congestion during construction. Any emergent patient, including those designated with a time-critical disease, can be transported to this entrance. Direct access to the Ross Heart Hospital is also available for critical cardiac patients (ECMO and STEMI). 

How long is the Cannon Drive reconstruction projected to last?
Cannon Drive construction began in September 2017 and will take place in five phases over two years. Details about each phase will be communicated to your stations as we move closer to their start dates.

If Ohio State Wexner Medical Center is on diversion, should I still transport students, faculty and staff to Ohio State? 
Yes. If a student, faculty or staff member requests transport to Ohio State, we strongly encourage EMS to transport to our facility despite diversion (much like the process for cancer, transplant and unstable patients).

How will I know about the traffic changes that might impact my routes?
Comprehensive communication and access plans, including signage and traffic control officers, will be implemented to ensure the easiest access to our Emergency Department. We also will provide updates and route changes directly to local EMS stations to help when transporting patients to our facility. You can also stay up-to-date by visiting Ohio State’s Cannon Drive Relocation page, the Ohio State Center for EMS website or the Ohio State Center for EMS Facebook page. 

Who can I contact for more information?
To speak with someone regarding our construction efforts, please contact Ohio State Senior Outreach Coordinator Connie McCarthy at 614-293-0532 or email centerforems@osumc.edu.