We are discovering brain health breakthroughs through cross-disciplinary research and collaboration.

The Stanley D. and Joan H. Ross Center for Brain Health and Performance at The Ohio State University plans to fundamentally define brain health through a collaborative program of multi-modal, multidisciplinary research, and cross-disciplinary collaborations. These efforts will inform development of innovative approaches, treatments, and procedures to enhance functioning for individuals across the spectrum of abilities.

The study of brain health at OSU is not limited by age or the presence of brain disorders; nor will the nature of our investigations be limited to medical science. Breakthroughs may come from molecular, cellular, functional, behavioral or environmental insights, and may arise from applying new discoveries in the physical, social, or natural sciences.

The Center for Brain Health and Performance will reflect this diversity via a broad array of partnerships in multiple scientific communities, state-of-the science education efforts, and groundbreaking neuroscience research at The Ohio State University as well as collaborations with neuroscientists across the globe.


A healthy brain is one that is performing optimally. Brain health is a term that encompasses how our brains function to influence wellness and performance of the entire body. Our bodily health and wellness (weight, exercise, endurance, nutrition, sleep, engagement) influences our brain health (cognitive performance and physical performance) and vice versa.


Refers to our moment-to-moment capacity for performance. There is maximum capacity for performance and functioning at any given moment. Capabilities vary from person to person and moment to moment. Capabilities must be “recharged” regularly through rest, nutrition, engagement, etc. We cannot operate at 100% all the time. Our capabilities reach their optimum potential when our brain health (and therefore, body health) is well managed. We aim to discover how best to improve our Neurocapacity.

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