It’s tough to perform at your best when you’re sidelined by injury. Our sports medicine team provides treatment, rehabilitation and preventive strategies to keep you active for a lifetime.

Contact us when you experience:
  • Uncertainty about the severity of your injury or how to care for it
  • Tenderness to the touch or red streaks spreading from the injury site
  • Re-injury to a previously injured body part
  • Inability to move or bear weight on injured body part
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Why You Should Choose Ohio State Sports Medicine

Why Ohio State?

Dr. Christopher Kaeding, Executive Director, shares why the sports medicine experts at Ohio State are the first choice in central Ohio for elite athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Team Physicians

Learn how our experience as providers for more than 5,000 central Ohio competitors and performers translates to extensive proficiency in patient care for you.

Great Football. Great Sports Medicine.

Current and former Ohio State Buckeyes discuss the significance of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center's Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute.

Our Team Approach to Care

Just like any other sports team working together, Dr. Nicole Kornder explains how Ohio State leverages its entire team to get you back to the activities you enjoy. 

Why Sport Psychology?

Dr. Steve Graef explains how sport psychology is just like any other resource that you would call upon for a struggle with one of life's many challenges.

Our doctors who treat sports-related injuries

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