We provide comprehensive improvement of health and wellness for dancers, gymnasts, musicians, figure skaters and other active artists.

Our Performing Arts Medicine team consists of sports medicine primary care physicians, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers experienced in dealing with the special needs of the performing artist.

We are trained in a number of treatment techniques, including manual therapy, dance-specific exercise programs and Pilates-based rehabilitation.

We treat a wide range of performance skill levels, from recreational to high school to collegiate to professional dancers. Our patients come from a variety of dance performance genres, such as ballet, contemporary, West African, liturgical and Irish. We also treat gymnasts, musicians, figure skaters and Broadway performers.

Specialists in dance medicine and rehabilitation

We are proud to be the primary medical providers for BalletMet ColumbusOhio State's Department of Dance and School of Music. Our services include on-site athletic training, physical therapy care, pre-season screenings, injury checks, wellness workshops and cross training classes.

A closer look at Performing Arts Medicine

Personal Care

Meeting the needs of every dancer

We provide personalized plans based on each artist's goals and insights to reduce injury risk.

If Your Career is on the Line

Pain can be easy to ignore

Gabriel Gaffney Smith shares his story, and how Ohio State Sports Medicine helped get back to his passion.

The Grand Jete

WOSU's Broad & High talks with BalletMet, physicists and sports medicine professionals to deconstruct the grand jete down to its barest essentials.

A Ballerina's Story

Our work from the perspective of the artist

BalletMet dancer Samantha Lewis shares life as a ballet dancer, both on stage and off.


It takes daily discipline for BalletMet dancer

12-hour snapshot of Jackson  Sarver points to rigors of crafting the body as a BalletMet dancer

Read more about the rigors of being a ballet dancer and how our team helps performers meet the demands of this art form

Our Performing Arts Medicine Team

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