Ohio State offers central Ohio's most advanced wound healing care.

Whether your wound is small or large, new or old, the Ohio State Comprehensive Wound Center offers central Ohio’s most advanced diagnosis and treatment for slow-healing wounds. We combine years of research, advanced training, technological capabilities, medical expertise and a team approach to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

Ohio State offers limb-saving care not found elsewhere. In addition, our experts can help identify the cause of your wound-healing condition so that you can receive the care needed to help prevent future problems.

A physician referral is not needed. Most are seen within a week.

Why Choose Ohio State


Patient Education

Because you are an important part of the wound healing team, we work to share important healthcare information with you. Learn more in these videos:

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Fast and Convenient Care

Whether your wound is small or complex, we make it easy for you to receive fast, healing treatment. You do not need a doctor’s referral to schedule an appointment, and there’s no delay — typically, you’ll be seen within seven days. We offer free, convenient parking and access to all the services and expertise available through The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.


Prevent Complications

If you have a wound of any size that is slow to heal, you can contact the Comprehensive Wound Center for an appointment. It is better to receive treatment for a small wound than to wait until a more complex condition occurs that could lead to an amputation or life-altering situation.  This is especially true if you are in an "at risk" category -- have diabetes, heart condition, peripheral artery disease, smoke, or have experienced a previous slow-to-heal wound. Ohio State experts can help you prevent a more serious wound complication. A physician's referral is not needed.


Unique Limb Preservation Program

The Limb Preservation Program at the Ohio State Comprehensive Wound Center combines wound healing expertise and the most advanced techniques to avoid amputation and save limbs. A multidisciplinary team (experts in vascular medicine, podiatry,  and plastic and general surgery) will work with each patient to determine the cause of the condition that is threatening the limb and determine a course of healing treatment aimed at preserving that limb and preventing future complications. 


Self-referrals Accepted

At Ohio State we work closely with primary care and referring physicians, keeping them informed of your healing progress. However, our services are also open to any individual who has a slow-healing wound; is at risk for wound complications; or who has been treated elsewhere and would like a second opinion or additional healing support. You can call our clinic directly at 614-293-4811 to make an appointment. Individuals, especially those at risk for wound healing problems, are encouraged to visit the Ohio State Comprehensive Wound Center before serious complications arise.

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Premier Wound Healing Center

People from around Ohio and the Midwest travel to the Ohio State Comprehensive Wound Center because of faster healing rates, comprehensive treatment programs and the clinical expertise established through our wound training and research programs.

Chandan Sen

Our Expertise

Our research program, led by Chandan Sen, PhD, is internationally acclaimed. In fact, Ohio State is the only central Ohio wound care provider conducting nationally funded research and is home to one of the nation's largest tissue banks. Because of this expertise, we can offer you the most advanced wound care treatments and technologies, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, skin substitutes, growth factor therapy and advanced microsurgical treatment, among others.

Our Programs

Wrapping an ankle Diabetic Ulcer Treatment

Diabetic Ulcer Treatment

Experts at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center provide healing treatment for diabetic ulcers and help prevent their recurrence.

Healthcare provider with hand on woman’s shoulder Limb Preservation

Limb Preservation

The Wexner Medical Center Limb Preservation Program offers comprehensive care to treat limb-threatening conditions.



Our Doctors
Our Doctors

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