Providing COVID-19 care to our community, especially our most vulnerable central Ohio residents

While the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on health care and operations at The Ohio State University Medical Center, our staff adjusted to all the changes and found new and innovative ways to provide COVID-19 care to patients and the broader community:

  • Our Emergency Department and Ambulatory teams worked to create efficient and accessible COVID-19 testing in our community in partnership with Columbus Public Health.
  • Our Ambulatory teams also ran a state-of-the-art vaccine program out of the Schottenstein Center, and it worked with our Community Engagement team to provide vaccines out of East Hospital to some of our most vulnerable central Ohio residents.

Equally important was the development of Community Valued Partners program, or CVP. This program helped us cut the red tape and link our neighbors to the COVID-19 vaccine. CVP partnered the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center with trusted community organizations to help ensure our most vulnerable residents had access to the COVID-19 vaccine and to resources about the safety of the vaccine.

Learn more about all the ways we keep our community informed of key updates and preventive care related to COVID-19.

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