sideInfantMortalityEvery week in Franklin County, three families lose a baby before he or she turns one year old. Franklin County's infant mortality rate is one of the highest in the nation. There is also significant racial disparity in infant-mortality rates, with black babies dying at twice the rate of white babies. Disorders related to prematurity and low birth weight are the principal causes of infant mortality and are influenced by a host of socioeconomic factors. That's why it takes an entire community to combat this serious health issue. Ohio State Wexner Medical Center provides substantial professional and volunteer support to initiatives designed to reduce premature births and infant mortality in Columbus.

Infant Mortality Programs

Council on Healthy Mothers and Babies Participant
Aims to decrease infant mortality

Provides care and support to expectant mothers in low-come Columbus neighborhoods, designed to reduce infant mortality and preterm births

Partnering with SmartColumbus to learn more about how to best provide medical transportation assistance to pregnant moms.

Stable Cradle Program
Provides pregnancy and parenting education and mentoring to mothers recovering from substance abuse living in the U.S.

STEPP Clinic
Expectant mothers with addictions to drugs or alcohol come to the Substance Abuse, Treatment, Education and Prevention Program (STEPP) for treatment

"What's really different about the STEPP clinic is the support it gives women to overcome the social barriers they face, the biggest of them being safe housing. These women are in situations that most people couldn't cope with. We see patients who are really struggling." Mona Prasad, DO, MPH, medical director, STEPP

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