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Support and Resources

Support and Resources

Ohio State’s Heart and Vascular Center wants to ensure you have the most information available to help you and your heart. Below you will find information on support groups and additional websites regarding heart disease and heart health.

LVAD and Heart Transplant Support Group Share with others waiting for and living with heart transplants.

This support group is dedicated to any patient who is being considered for LVAD or heart transplant, is listed for heart transplant, or has had a heart transplant or LVAD placed. The group is for inpatients and outpatients. Family members are encouraged to attend, as well.

Wednesdays, 3-4 p.m.
Ross Heart Hospital, Room 6007

For more information contact Laura Newman, 614-293-4748.

Healing Hearts Support Group There is life after a heart event.

This group helps people understand that there can be a rich, rewarding life after a heart event. Healing Hearts brings patients, families and caregivers together to form a network of caring individuals. Members listen, share their experiences and learn from healthcare professionals.

For dates of upcoming support group meetings and more information,  contact Jeff Davidson at 614-580-1561 or

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