Open for harvest to patients, caregivers and community members this season

We’re excited to announce that The Ross Heart Hospital Community Garden has even more to offer this year than in previous seasons. This community garden was established in 2015 to give patients the tools they need to improve their own health, educating them in healthy cooking and facilitating discussion between community members and expert clinicians on how a nutrient-dense diet can improve overall wellness.

This year, classes will be held weekly from May through mid-September, and they will be available to Ross Heart Hospital patients, caregivers and community members. All classes are free to attend. You won’t want to miss this.

During our first class of the season, “The Truth Behind Food Labels,” attendees will become better-informed consumers as staff dietitian Mary Mosquera Cochran explains how to interpret food nutrition facts, best-buy dates and expiration dates. Later in the season, class members will learn techniques such as the best way to grill vegetables, advanced knife skills, and some nitty-gritty food science, with Chef Kuchan. Have you ever wondered how nutrition may affect how we sleep? Participants will have the rare opportunity to speak with pulmonologist and sleep expert Dr. Rami Khayat during our “Garden-Side Chat.” Confused about buzzwords like natural/organic/Non-GMO? We’ll get there, too! All of this and so much more is featured in this season’s classes.

Ross Garden 2018 Monthly Classes

Wednesdays from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Ross Garden (680 Vernon Tharp St.)

Classes will be held in Howlett Hall, Room 116, with harvesting sessions immediately after class.
Harvest sessions will begin in June immediately following each class.
*Classes subject to change. You may attend class as your schedule permits, but you must attend the class prior to harvesting from the garden.

May 2018

May 2018 Classes

May 2018 Classes

May 2, The Truth Behind Food Labels

Become an informed consumer and learn how to interpret mandatory food nutrition facts, best buy dates as well as expiration dates. Class will be led by staff dietitian Mary Mosquera Cochran.

May 9, Healthy Weeknight Meals

Learn how to easily prepare healthy and well-balanced meals using a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and techniques from Program Director Jim Warner.

May 16, We Got the Beets!

Root vegetables have been a nutrition staple for thousands of years. From beets to yams, discover the techniques to bring out the flavor of this underground nutritional powerhouse!

May 23, Summer Grilling and the Living is Easy

Grilled fruits and vegetables are one of life’s simple pleasures. Join us for this outdoor class featuring simple recipes to bring out the best these plants have to offer!

May 30, Heart-Healthy Desserts

Learn how desserts with fruit, dark chocolate, and egg whites can be part of a heart-healthy diet.

June 2018

June 2018 Classes

June 2018 Classes

June 6, Advanced Knife Skills

Bring your knives from home for this hands-on class featuring advanced knife skills. A complimentary sharpening is included in this class.

June 13, Ornamental Garden Tour

Join us for a tour of the USDA Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center located next to Howlett Hall.

June 20, Ask a Pharmacist

Dr. Erik Abel, PharmD, will speak about common medications, potential side effects and new drugs in development.

June 27, Composting Made Simple

Learn how to master composting using kitchen scraps from Elaine Grassbaugh.  Not only is this friendly to your garden, but composting reduces the amount of greenhouse gases that filters into the atmosphere and damages the protective ozone layer.

July 2018

July 2018 Classes

July 2018 Classes

July 4, There will be no class or harvesting this week

There will be no class or harvesting this week.

July 11, In the Kitchen with Jacob Kuchan

If you like Alton Brown, you will love Chef Kuchan. He will share some of his food science knowledge with the group. His food preparation skills are cutting edge and will leave you asking yourself, “How did he do that?”

July 18, Cooking with Brew with Chef David Brue

Yes, this is exactly what you thought it was - cooking with beer! Chef Brue will share his favorite beer and vegetable entrees and sauces. No Natty Light will be used in this frothy demonstration.

July 25, An Evening with Dr. Ravi Tripathi

Dr. Tripathi, MD, will share his insight and considerable experience regarding the virtues of a plant based lifestyle. Light hors d’oeuvres will be served.

August 2018

August 2018 Classes

August 2018 Classes

August 1, Cauliflower Pizza Crust?

Learn how to incorporate little used produce in exciting new ways. Think of kohlrabi fritters and roasted radishes!

August 8 Beating the Blues

Feeling blue is common, especially after experiencing a major life change such as a heart event. Join us to discuss common symptoms of depression and anxiety and ways to combat it.

August 15, Natural/Organic/Non-GMO

What does this all mean!!?? Staff dietitian, Mary Mosquera Cochran will demystify these often misunderstood terms.

August 22, Functional Foods

Dietitian Mary Mosquera Cochran will expound upon the virtues of functional foods including a number of foods with anti-inflammatory qualities.

August 29, Garden-Side Chat, Sleep Issues

Garden side chat with Rami Khayat, MD. Dr. Khayat is a pulmonologist and sleep expert. Appetizers will be served.

September 5, How time flies!

Help us celebrate our fourth year in style !!!! We will dine al fresco in the garden with seasonal produce prepared by the chefs from the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.

Class Details

Class Details

  • Classes will be held weekly from May through the middle of September

  • All classes will start at 6pm and will be held in Howlett Hall, 680 Vernon Tharp Street on the west side of campus

  • Parking Information: All parking at the Ohio State University Campus is administered by CampusParc.  There are two surface lots with Pay-by-Plate located conveniently next to Howlett Hall. Please access CampusParc’s rate and fee schedules here so you can make adequate plans for parking while you attend classes!

  • Make sure to check in with one of our staff members at each class

  • What to Bring to each class:
    • Ross Community Garden harvest bag (this will be provided to you during the first class)
    • Garden tools: gloves, scissors, clippers. (We have a limited number available to borrow)
    • Sun protection, hat, sunscreen
    • Drinking water

  • Participants will be asked to sign a participation waiver and optional media release form.

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