The Ohio State Human Tissue Resource Network (HTRN) facilitates research biospecimen access for funded, IRB approved or reviewed for non-human subject status (basic and translational investigators). HTRN is the organizational umbrella for National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded programs to advance bench to bedside research. Investigator biospecimen access is for investigators from The Ohio State University, as well as for basic and translational researchers throughout the United States and Canada. These NCI funded groups join to improve resource utilization and thereby reduce the researcher fees for samples. Services include biospecimen and biofluid procurement by the Department of Pathology Tissue Procurement Services and processing, transient storage, biobanking and virtual microscopy with and without digital image analysis as requested.

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Federally funded research programs under HTRN

Three federally funded research programs are maintained under the HTRN umbrella including the Cooperative (AKA Collaborative) Human Tissue Network (CHTN), the Alliance Biorepository at OSU (ABOSU) and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Total Cancer Care Program (TCCP). HTRN receives support from the Department of Pathology Tissue Procurement Service (TPS), digital imaging, laser capture microscopy and biorepository.

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