Ohio State provides the only solid organ transplant program for adults in central Ohio.

The Wexner Medical Center is home to the only adult liver transplant program in central Ohio.

Our liver transplant program, directed by Dr. James Hanje, includes the inpatient medical hepatology and transplant surgery service. Hepatology is the area of medicine that oversees the management of diseases of the liver, gallbladder, biliary tree and pancreas. Hepatologists work closely with transplant surgeons and coordinators.

The Liver Transplant team helps patients manage their liver disease and conducts pre-transplant and post-transplant clinics that provide patients with comprehensive treatment and service.

All surgical procedures and immediate postoperative care in specialized surgical units are managed by the transplant surgical team.  In addition, a transplant pharmacist with expertise in immunosuppressive drugs provides pharmaceutical support and consultation to all inpatients.

Learn more about liver transplantation at Ohio State.

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