Director of Sports Science
NeuroSport Science, Inc.

MarkStephensonBioMr. Stephenson is the Director of Sports Science for NeuroSport Science, Inc. which owns and operates Rejuvenate Active Recovery Centers in Naples, FL. Mark brings with him over 28 years of experience of rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and sport science. Mark’s area of expertise is in the psychophysiological recovery of the elite performer using various recovery modalities such as, Flotation Tanks, Cryostimulation Chambers, Photobiomodulation, Biofeedback, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), EEG, and tensiomygraphy, to determine optimal training loads and psychophysiological recovery interventions.

Stephenson consults with various organizations from the NCAA, NFL, MLB, and NBA. He regularly presents at both national and international professional conferences on topics related to sports science and the state of physical and psychological readiness, recovery, and performance. 

Previously, Mr. Stephenson served as the Human Performance Program Manager for Naval Special Warfare Development Group for over eight years.  While at DEVGRU, Stephenson oversaw strength and conditioning, Sports Medicine, nutrition, mental performance/sport psychology, sport science/tactical physiology, testing and assessment, research and development, and recovery.  Stephenson also served in leadership positions as the Director of the Human Performance Center at the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Colorado College Men’s Ice Hockey, and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Providence College. 



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