Sports Science Consultant
NFL Player Tracking Program

Ted is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he did his undergraduate studies in Business Marketing and his graduate and post-graduate studies in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology, respectively.  He currently serves as the Sport Science Consultant for the NFL-Zebra Player Tracking Program, providing services for all NFL teams.  He also owns and operates Sports Performance Consulting providing consulting advice on such topics as sports science technology and its implementation, sports nutrition, as well as ergogenic aids/PED use and abuse.  Ted's clients have included numerous NFL, NBA, MLB, and major college programs.

Ted coordinated the Exercise Science program at Thomas More College from 1991 to 2011.  He has served as an assistant strength and conditioning coach at The Ohio State University and the University of Kentucky.  During this time, Ted trained 23 NBA Draft Picks of which 13 were 1st Round Draft picks and 41 NFL draft picks of which 4 were 1st Round Draft picks.

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