Assistant Professor, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, The Ohio State University

CatherineQuatmanYatesBioAs a physical therapist and researcher, Catherine Quatman Yates’ greatest passion is helping others engage in safe and physically active lifestyles. She’s inquisitive by nature, greatly enjoys the processes of data-driven knowledge discovery and dissemination, and she aspires to leverage physical therapy services and research efforts to cultivate measurable, positive change in the lives of patients and our healthcare systems in meaningful, scalable ways.

Broadly, her clinical expertise is in outpatient rehabilitation for sports injuries, orthopedic injuries and conditions, and mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI)/concussions. Dr .Quatman Yates is diversely trained in the philosophies and methods for a variety of inquiry paradigms ranging from qualitative/naturalistic studies to more classical experimental and quasi-experimental research designs to complexity/system science approaches. My focused areas of scholarship include physical therapy interventions for mTBI-related impairments and health services research (HSR).

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