Every neurological condition requires personalized care. Ohio State’s centers provide unmatched expertise.

Elder_FeaturPageListingCallout Brain and Spine Tumor Center

Brain and Spine Tumor Center

World-renowned authorities in brain and spine oncology, surgery, radiology and research

Park_FeaturePageListingCallout Center for Movement Disorders

Center for Movement Disorders

Multidisciplinary care from national leaders in Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease and essential tremor

SpineCenter_Featurepagelistingcallout Comprehensive Spine Center

Comprehensive Spine Center

Delivering both surgical and non-surgical solutions for even the most complex spine problems

Imitola_FeaturePageListingCallout Multiple Sclerosis Center

Multiple Sclerosis Center

Staffed by physician-scientists nationally recognized for transforming MS care

Hanks_FeaturePageListingCallout Nisonger Center

Nisonger Center

Improving the lives of people with neurodevelopmental disorders

PainCenter_Featurepagelistingcallout Comprehensive Pain and Headache Center

Comprehensive Pain and Headache Center

Ohio State’s Comprehensive Pain and Headache Center provides quality care with an unparalleled level of expertise.

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