Established in 1966, The Ohio State University Nisonger Center is among the nation’s first federally funded University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.

As part of Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center Neurological Institute, our mission is to provide services and educational opportunities to our community, interdisciplinary training to our students, and research opportunities to students and clinical investigators specializing in neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Our goal is to improve the lives of people with neurodevelopmental disorders throughout their lives by promoting inclusion in education, health, employment and community living. We offer programs for people with disabilities as well as their families, service providers and community organizations. Each year our clinics and outreach programs reach more than 22,000 people with intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder or related neurodevelopmental disorders.

The Nisonger team consists of 120 interdisciplinary faculty, researchers, clinicians, teachers, staff and trainees across four Ohio State colleges. We offer a robust educational program that attracts the most accomplished students and professionals in the field.

Our academic faculty consists of recognized experts in their respective fields, and our clinics are led by professionals who have extensive experience in neurodevelopmental disorders. Nisonger researchers focus on issues that lead to improving health, behavior, learning, social participation and employment for people who have a wide range of disabilities.

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Our Team


At the Nisonger Center, our interdisciplinary team collaborates to provide cutting-edge patient care based on the latest medical research and discoveries.

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Research and Clinical Trials

Research and Clinical Trials

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