A Program Offering Extensive Clinical Experience

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    Our Neurosurgery Sub-internship program is an excellent opportunity for gaining clinical experience in complex neurosurgical cases.
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    In addition to clinical experience on the hospital floor, sub-interns attend conferences and rounds with residents and attending physicians.

The Ohio State University Department of Neurological Surgery offers a one-month sub-internship opportunity to qualifying fourth-year Ohio State medical students and visiting medical students who have completed their core rotations. The world-class faculty at The Ohio State University Neurological Institute — renowned for our academic research, education and medical skill — will see that you spend that month gaining clinical experience in a variety of complex neurosurgical cases, such as brain tumors, spinal surgery, trauma, occlusive vascular surgery and peripheral nerve conditions. In addition to extensive clinical experience on the hospital floor, in surgery suites and in clinics, sub-interns attend conferences and rounds with residents and attending physicians.

To apply, visit the Association for American Medical Colleges (AAMC) for an application. If you are interested in visiting the department, you should apply at least 8 weeks prior to the desired rotation. Please contact visstu@osumc.edu with any questions about applying to the OSU College of Medicine as a visiting student.

Prerequisites: Completion of core rotations. Must be prearranged. To schedule rotations, visit the Office of Medical Education for more information.

Objectives: Observe/gain experience in day-to-day neurosurgery services.

Meeting objectives:

  • Daily rounds with staff and residents
  • Attendance at conferences
  • Workup at least one patient a day
  • Follow patients you have worked up and go to surgery with them
  • Discuss workups and patient evaluations with staff and attending resident
  • Make presentations or patients and assigned material
  • Evaluate patients in outpatient setting
  • Pediatric neurosurgery exposure is available upon request

Evaluation: You will be evaluated by attending physicians and house staff based on your clinical performance.

Program Neurosurgery (Med 4)
Organization Neurological Surgery
Curriculum Usage Med 4 DOC-4, Med 4 ELEC, Visit

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