Balveen Kaur, Core Director

Nina Dmitrieva, Core Manager

Bringing together investigators studying glioblastoma biology and novel therapeutics to combat cancer.

This Core provides assistance to researchers studying brain tumor biology, offering centralized and standardized services for the preparation, characterization and injection of tumor cells into rodents in order to induce and model brain tumor formation. Services include tumor cell growth in vitro, tumor cell injection into rodents, animal monitoring, tumor volume measurements, tissue processing, and generation of brain slices. The Core also provides expert consultation on brain tumor projects.

The Xenograft Core is located in 385D Wiseman Hall. Core Director Balveen Kaur is available to discuss projects involving brain tumor implantation, testing therapeutics and following tumor growth and survival.

Services provided:

  • Tumor cell implantation in rodents: subcutaneous and orthotopic
  • Tumor volume measurements
  • Follow up of rodent survival
  • Euthanasia and tissue harvest

Please see our Terms of Service for specifics regarding use of this core.


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