Division of Forensic Psychiatry

This subspecialty includes research and clinical practice in the many areas where psychiatry is applied to legal issues.

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Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

With roots in both psychiatry and pediatrics, this group is dedicated to problems and disorders of emotion, thinking and behavior in young people.

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Division of Molecular Neuropsychopharmocology

Based on the idea that addiction is a biological disorder involving changes in specific regions of the brain, this division studies the neurobiology of addiction, particularly nicotine addiction and related psychiatric disorders.


Division of Psychology

This group of clinicians, researchers and clinician/researchers provides comprehensive assessments, inpatient consultation, and mood, anxiety, and mindfulness.


Division of Public and Community Psychiatry

Delivering education, evaluation, research access and outpatient care to patients using the many public and community clinics in Central Ohio.

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